Blue Badge Holders Urged to Have Their Say

Blue Badge holders and other car park users are being urged to have their say on an upcoming consultation about the provision of Blue Badge parking spaces at some of Broxtowe Borough Council’s car parks.

The Council is consulting on the provision of spaces in five of its 29 car parks, after surveys taken in the autumn of last year suggested a significant number of spaces in these sites were underused.

Councillor Jan Goold, Chair of the Council’s Community Safety Committee said: “The Council is keen to hear from as many local people as possible as part of this consultation to help inform the Committee’s decision about Blue Badge Parking provision.”

“Whilst our original surveys suggested that Blue Badge spaces were considerably underused at eight of our 29 car parks, there is no suitable alternative parking at three of these sites so the consultation focuses on the car parks at Derby Street Middle and Middle Street in Beeston; Cliffe Hill Avenue in Stapleford; The Sun Inn at Eastwood and James Street in Kimberley.”

An online consultation will run from 13th February to 13th March, as well as on site in the car parks.

For more information, please contact Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115 917 3620, email or visit

The latest parking figures can be found in the Committee Agenda on pages 42-46 at

Source: Broxtowe Borough Council Press Release.

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3 Responses to Blue Badge Holders Urged to Have Their Say

  1. Steve Carr says:

    I opposed this move at Committee last week. It was evident that Conservative councillors we’re going to approve it until I asked for a recorded vote. That way everyone could have seen who voted to reduce these spaces. Then all of a sudden it was a good idea to go to consultation.

    I have no problem in reducing the spaces in some car parks as long as there is a like for like increase in others. I frequently get complaints from residents who find it very difficult to find spaces nearest to the town centres.

    Reducing the total number of blue badge spaces is not acceptable.

  2. One interesting snippet from the papers for this committee meeting (

    “Station Road (Beeston train station) – no reduction despite low usage. Although the
    bay is rarely used and the car park serves Beeston train station which is currently
    unsuitable for independent use by disabled people due to the lack of lifts, the
    National Rail website advertises that taxi assistance will be provided for wheelchair
    users to circumnavigate the station steps. ”

    Wheelchair users may like to be aware of the offer from National Rail reported above.

  3. Ian Blakeley says:

    As everyone seems to be concerned about the usage or otherwise of parking spaces for Blue Badge holders. I’d like something to be done about the use of Parent and Child spaces by Blue Badge holders, and others. Whilst I have every sympathy for those who have mobility, and other, problems I would like to know why double and single yellow line markings don’t apply to Blue Badge holders. My understanding of double and single yellow lines are to ease traffic flows so that congestion is kept to a minimum. However in places around the County, and City, I regularly see vehicles proudly displaying a badge parked on double yellow lines, thus causing an obstruction. However if I parked between two such vehicles I would get fined for contravening the parking regulations. Would any of our Councillors like to comment?

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