We need to support the School Governing Body

schools-northern-playing-fields-jOur schools need a new building.  The playing fields are not in use by the school.  We understand from Paul Heery, Executive Head of White Hills Park Federation, that in the Spring next year they will be submitting a planning application to build on their playing fields to the North of the Bramcote College.

We are very fortunate in Bramcote to have a lot of open spaces within our ward.

Bramcote should in my opinion contribute towards the over 6000 dwellings that need to be built in the next few years within the borough.

I am normally against building on Green Belt land.  However, I think that the ‘Green Belt’ boundaries are about to be changed by the council.

I propose that part of the School Playing Fields to the north of the school should be developed for housing.  I say only part, as I would like to see a corridor alongside of the present Moor Lane foot path.  This corridor should be 40 yards wide and planted with trees to create a wildlife corridor and a shield between the two Housing estates.

If we do not allow within the Bramcote Plan some building on our open spaces then we may find that some building is forced upon us against our will on land that we do not want housing.   We, the residents of Bramcote, should choose where we want the buildings to be built.

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8 Responses to We need to support the School Governing Body

  1. Ian Blakeley says:

    “The playing fields are not in use by the school.” Why is this. Is sport not part of the school timetable anymore.
    The Thatcher era encouraged, sometimes forced, LEA’s and schools to sell off their playing fields, in many cases to the detriment of the community. Be careful that it doesn’t happen again.

  2. I fully sympathise with the school’s predicament over the buildings and I guess they feel they have no option, but when the said governing body voted to become an academy they relieved the County Council of responsibility for maintaining the building fabric and by implication decided that the school would henceforth have to pay for it – to the tune of £20m! Shame that the community has to lose such a valuable and long-standing green-belt resource which helps to define the area and provides a space which helps to retain characteristics of local communities.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      I can never understand why a school needs to become an academy. Sounds better I suppose but lets get real, same pupils, mostly the same teachers, same curriculum, same buildings, same area. Oh yes and same examinations. What is the point?

  3. RichHartman says:

    Let’s think about this for a minute. So we’re going to be supporting building houses on the greenbelt because the current education funding system won’t enable a new school building to be built, and we’d lose sports pitches too. But we’ve objected to building (specialist care) houses on non-greenbelt land at Thoresby Road/Deddington Lane where there used to be a golf course and which isn’t in a form that could be put to team sport uses by our children.

  4. Jane Bowden says:

    I totally agree with Ian. Playing fields should be used by the school and by the community. Health and obesity are big issues and if outdoor space keeps on disappearing, they will be even more problematical. Yes we do have some green spaces in this area, but does that mean that we should allow it to be eaten away in great chunks? Or should we try to protect it for the future wellbeing of people? Having recently got a dog, I now realise how important these green spaces are and how, relatively small/few they are. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. Yes, we need houses to be built, but there are still many ‘brown field’ sites, e.g. along Glaisedale Drive, that are currently eyesores and have been for many years. Why can’t these be used first?

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      because a ‘green field’ site is easier, and cheaper, for the builders Jane. Can’t have them having to do too much work can we?

  5. Ben F says:

    I think you all need to remember why these fields are no longer in use… the fields were the main sports area for Bramcote Hills Comp – due to various reasons and including a fall in the number on role for the area, the comp closed and the buildings used only for 6th form provision (officially tied to Alderman White). The plans for school redevelopment of the former “Park” comp (now The Bramcote School) include developing on the Hills Comp site… the running track playing field historically was used by the Park School and will still be there for use by pupils and the community under this proposal of support. (and is actually closer to the school site – curriculum time down at the Hills sports fields in question, involved pupils walking outside of the school for 5+ mins and also higher risks, e.g. further away from the buildings in case of medical emergency!)

    So I don’t have the numbers to hand, but per pupil by playing field square metre, is probably still comparable to when 2 full comps occupied the whole site. Plus the Hills/College site also has developed sporting facilities on the tennis courts, with cricket nets, and astro for football.

    I support this view in the main news – those calling the selling of school playing fields idiotic, need to consider these points, before saying keep them as playing fields. If they don’t manage their estate, these areas could soon become run down, community facilities not maintained or developed for the future – ultimately this could result in a poor education, poor results and the final straw could be a closed school, then what happens to the site!! Moreover can you see the barn and other sporting facilitates on the Hills/College site being fit for future use by pupils or the community in even 5 years time for example?! – Overall, given this proposal, the school will still have some of the biggest green spaces and sporting facilities for pupils and the wider community, of any school in the county!

    The state should not sit on assets which are not being utilised or used, so why not sell off unused land and assets and ensure the benefit those who are entitled to use the land currently, or would we rather the cash from the sale goes into central or local government?!

    Also remember the falling numbers of pupils which caused the Hills Comp to close… new housing will actually support the growth of pupil numbers for the present school and 6th form, which means pupils within walking distance, and a reduction in traffic.

    This proposal is win-win all round – it need to be supported – not objected to – approve and make it happen ASAP!

    • RichHartman says:

      Similar comments could be made in relation to the Thoresby Road / Deddingtion Lane golf course: it’s disused, run down and there is no public right of access to it. The owner’s plans for specialist accommodation on part of the area and a public park on the remainder could have become an asset to Bramcote but instead it lies virtually derelict because of objections from local residents.

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