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anna-soubry-mpAs you may have heard, I was subjected to two abusive and frightening threats last week. Although enquiries continue, a man was arrested this weekend in London and I am very grateful to Nottinghamshire Police and the Met for all their work. My thanks to everyone for their messages of support. Like all MP’s I regularly and increasingly receive offensive emails, tweets and the like. I have to say the level of abuse is noticeably higher in the wake of the Referendum. I have a significant birthday tomorrow (I am having the weekend off to celebrate) and I am pretty robust. I welcome forthright debate and do not object when constituents exercise their right to contact me in no uncertain terms. But I am no longer prepared to accept foul abuse, misogyny and hate. I am pleased to say I receive very little from constituents – the good people of Broxtowe are sensible, moderate and decent. We must all reset the dial of debate to a more tolerant, better informed and honest level. If we don’t, those who revel in bully boy tactics will win and we run the risk of losing our hard won rights to free speech and democracy. From now on all abuse will be reported!   As ever, Anna

stapleford-poStapleford Post Office victory

Bargain Booze has pulled out of the plans to move the Post Office into its Stapleford premises. I am told Bargain Booze accept the widespread opposition to the plans which has been organised by Stapleford Councillors Adam Stockwell, John Longdon, Chris Rice, Jan Goold, Richard Macrae and myself. Grateful thanks go to everyone who signed the petition organised by Adam and all those who took part in the public consultation.  

I met senior executives from the Post office today who shared the good news. Local shops and traders who are interested in operating the service from their premises should contact me. Meanwhile the current premises will remain open. 

George Spencer Academy – world class school

Stapleford’s George Spencer Academy has been deemed a World Class School. The judges assessed a group of students from the school and found them to be so exceptional the school was worthy of the award. The prestigious award is only given to schools which “far exceed’ Ofsted’s highest grade. George Spencer had its best ever GCSE results this summer and is in the top 10 of best teacher training providers in the country. Congratulations all round!

crashA52 fatal crash sparks campaign for permanent speed cameras

A petition calling for permanent speed cameras on the A52 has been launched. It follows the death of two young men in a horrific collision on the A52 in Bramcote. Two people were arrested and the matter is the subject of a police investigation. It appears that speed was a major factor in the accident and a number of residents have contacted me to say they have complained for some time about speeding on the A52.

At Monday’s CAT meeting, Bramcote resident Tony Smith launched a petition to Parliament for permanent speed cameras on the A52 and, in particular, on the stretch from Bramcote Island to the Priory roundabout (pictured). I don’t hesitate in giving Tony and Bramcote’s Councillors my full support. 

The A52 is managed by the Highways England – I have already written to them; I have also contacted the local police Inspector Steve Wragg and he confirms the police also support permanent speed cameras. I will of course keep you updated.

Please reply to this email if you would like to sign the petition and I will post you a copy or download a copy using the link below.

<< My letter to Highways England >>

<< Tony Smith’s petition to Parliament regarding speeding on the A52 >>

w320_1670140_fieldfarmivy1Field Farm hearing  

The developer of Field Farm is appealing a decision by Broxtowe Borough Council that the plans are not good enough. The appeal will be held next Tuesday at Beeston Town Hall at 10am. STRAG, the community group fighting to protect the integrity of the site makes the very sensible argument that Stapleford needs a Neighbourhood Plan – developed by and for local people. I believe Stapleford Town Council needs to ‘step up’ and develop its own plan as so many other communities are doing in Broxtowe. We lost the fight to stop development on Field Farm – a Green Belt site. It’s now important we get well designed housing to compliment not further destroy this highly valued open space.


I have asked a number of questions in Parliament in the last week. I was particularly heartened by the response from the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, to a question about the future of the A610. As residents in the Giltbrook, Awsworth and Kimberley area know, the Ikea roundabout and the A 610 junction are a traffic nightmare. Radical action is needed. My idea is to look at the entire stretch of road as a corridor for growth – i.e. jobs and improve the A610 as part of the plan. 

I also took part in a session relating to allegations of child sex abuse.

The Guardian newspaper did an interesting profile on me the other week and I wrote a short piece for the Times on the positive benefit of immigration. I hope you will take a look at them both!

<< Sexual abuse in football >>

<< The A610 >>

<< Guardian profile >> 

<< Times article on immigration >>

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3 Responses to News from Anna Soubry MP

  1. Fred R says:

    Good luck with countering online abuse – you’ll need it. Even back in the 90s, when Usenet was the main online discussion medium, in the political newsgroups I hung out in abuse was standard, and threats of physical harm and occasionally death were not uncommon. That was when you had to get a news server connection and installed newsreading software to post. Now that there’s no obstacle to posting on Twitter or FB or wherever, so that thoughts can go from Id to keyboard in seconds without any intervening rational processing. By all means complain about and report abuse, and most times abusers can be tracked as for all that they feel anonymous they can be found via their service providers, though the cannier trolls will use cloaking techniques. However, IMO it’s in the very nature of online ‘discussion’ in unmoderated open fora that dehumanisation and consequent hatred will flourish, because the abuser can’t see his/her target as a human, as a person, but rather as an object on to which to project her/his fear and loathing. That was as clear in Usenet days as it is in today’s Twittersphere.

    It may seem defeatist, but the only way to avoid abuse and trolling is to not use antisocial media. The value, to a public figure, of Twitter is marginal, to put it mildly, ditto with Facebook. I see no good reason why a politician should use Twitter, and lots of reasons why it’s a bad thing (recent example: Trump’s campaign). To remain in touch with constituents online, I’d advise only using moderated fora, such as this one, where correspondents have to use their real identity or something approaching it.

    I don’t excuse the appalling abuse that takes place on antisocial media, and indeed the increasing takeover of such media by the far Right and open nazis is a highly disturbing trend, but the nature of the medium means that abuse is rife and unstoppable. A glance at Gary Lineker’s Twitter feed will display that in Spades… 😦

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      For once Fred, I fully agree with your comments. Have you sent Anna an email containing your comment as I doubt that she reads ‘Bramcote Today’.

  2. Nick Palmer says:

    Anna is quite right to take a firm line. In my time up to 2010 abuse was pretty rare (I had a death threat, but the writer gave his name and address, so it wasn’t hard for the police to have a word), but the atmosphere has coarsened significantly and MPs on all sides say they get lots. A no-tolerance attitude as Anna suggests is the way to go.

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