Toton Confirmed as the HS2 Station for the East Midlands

mia-hs2-picBroxtowe Borough Council has welcomed an official announcement confirming Toton as the location of the East Midlands HS2 Hub Station.  

The announcement was made by The Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, Secretary of State for Transport today (Tuesday 15th November). In his report, he said that “having considered alternatives, the Government has chosen [Toton] as it is the best option for serving the whole East Midlands region, readily accessible from the cities of both Nottingham and Derby by a range of transport modes, and because of the potential regeneration and job growth opportunities that a new station will present.”

“The Council is delighted to hear today’s announcement. The development of HS2 brings huge economic potential for the East Midlands and Broxtowe Borough is perfectly positioned to secure maximum benefits for the local area in housing, jobs and connectivity” said Councillor Richard Jackson, Leader of Broxtowe Borough Council.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Estimated £1.1 to £2.2 billion per year economic benefits to the East Midlands
  • Between 30,000 and 90,000 additional employment opportunities in the D2N2 and Leicestershire area.
  • Well integrated, high-quality local housing
  • Improved connectivity and journey times to major cities including London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester
  • Investment in infrastructure to ensure the smooth flow of passengers in and out of the area

Following technical work to assess potential alternative locations in 2015, Toton has remained the preferred option and the East Midlands HS2 Strategic Board found that it demonstrated greater potential to deliver economic growth and boost connectivity to Birmingham and the north of England.

Further consultation work will continue and the next major milestone will be the Phase 2b Hybrid Bill in Parliament in 2019.   

For more information, please contact Chief Executive of Broxtowe Borough Council, Ruth Hyde by emailing  or visit

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6 Responses to Toton Confirmed as the HS2 Station for the East Midlands

  1. Now let’s at this early stage hope they name it suitability for the area.

    Stapleford International Station

    Or something with Stapleford in the title.

    The address for Toton Sidings is Derby Road, Stapleford.

    I have also heard Councillors from Toton say they don’t want access through Toton to access the Station by Vehicles, so let’s hope the powers that be listen and get the name correct.

    They got the Tram wrong and continue to call it the Toton Tram when it’s actually also in Stapleford. Toton Lane, Stapleford not Stapleford Lane, Toton.

  2. Investment in infrastructure to ensure the smooth flow of passengers in and out of the area

    Maybe we can get some much needed funding in Stapleford to sort the High Street out, remove the unwanted Speed Humps and choose a different Traffic Management System to keep the High Street safe.

  3. Dr Allan Dodds says:

    Instead of calling it Toton Sidings why not name it Toton Mainline? To railway buffs Toton is legendary but few will have heard of Stapleford, and anyway, there are several Staplefords in England.

  4. Ian Blakeley says:

    I’d like to know where HS2 get their figures from. Estimated £1.1 to £2.2 billion p/a benefits. Thats one hell of a range. 30 to 90 thousand extra jobs, again one hell of a difference and where are all these EXTRA people (and families) going to live? There aren’t isn’t enough decent housing as it is. Please don’t say that they will be build, there aren’t (m)any being built at the moment. Nimby’s shouting and screaming about suggestions for housing schemes.

    Anyway, it won’t be built until the NHS is demolished and the Armed Forces, Police and Prison Officers have been disbanded to pay for it.

  5. mike h says:

    The figures were made up by a consultant (probably an accountant) commissioned by the government with a brief to quantify the potential benefits of improved infrastructure.
    There is of course no way to prove that there is a correlation between improved infrastructure and jobs (except of course in the building and operation of same). The improved infrastructure may facilitate access to (in this case) Nottingham; which may speed up delivery and supply chain processes. However, infrastructure on its own cannot design and build the new products and services or generate the new customers that would be required in order to deliver the benefits claimed. So any benefits that are predicted are just a pipe dream; a guess of what could happen if the pipe dream’s assumptions prove correct.
    However, like the improvements the trams are assumed to bring to Beeston, these benefits probably won’t materialise.
    Instead of concentrating on infrastructure or some other displacement activity like re-introducing grammar schools shouldn’t we be looking to encourage the development of attractive products and services ie., to develop stuff that we can sell and thereby create jobs. That is of course very much harder to do so we will probably carry on building railways, or, most likely getting some other country’s engineers to do it for us.

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