Councillor Jacky Williams writes


Jacky Williams

County Councillor Jacky Williams writes:   It was a genuine pleasure to introduce Alistair Carmichael, MP,  Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson to the Onward and Upward venture, in Stapleford. This project, was set up by Sheena Cormack to provide training facilities for young people with learning differences. Also, Jill Carter, of Pulp Friction / Atmosphere Glee Choir and various other fantastic ventures. Alistair understands the challenges faced by families and young people around access to engagement and training, and the various issues around benefits and funding that they face. He was very impressed by the efforts of these two women who have taken a huge step in setting up their ventures and are providing much needed services in our communities.     Thanks,  Jacky

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One Response to Councillor Jacky Williams writes

  1. Donna MacRae says:

    The Onward and Upward venture, in Stapleford is a brilliant organisation. It was actually my Husband Richard MacRae who put the lady in touch with the landlord for the venue they are now set up in. I know Councillors McGrath and MacRae are also trying to help them get some funding too and tomorrow they are delivering a load of Cereal to them as well to help them out.

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