Constituency Boundary Reform – How Does it Affect Bramcote

The proposal for Bramcote is that it will be in the new constituency of Broxtowe and Hucknall.  The map below from the Boundary Commission’s website shows the area.


We lose Beeston, Chilwell and Toton and gain Bilborough from the City, and Hucknall and other parts of the Ashfield Constituency. If you look on the BBC’s website at, you can bring up a map which overlays the new constituency on the old.

These are proposals. There will be a public consultation and votes in the Parliament.

Change is essential to ensure fairness in the electoral system so that each MP represents a similar number of constituents.

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4 Responses to Constituency Boundary Reform – How Does it Affect Bramcote

  1. I think the bigger picture we all need to see here is the City are trying to take over certain areas. And they are doing so by stealth.

    They want to swallow up the more affluent areas for themselves and the land that comes with it too.

    Just my own personal opinion.

    So they changed the County Wards and now this. What will be next it makes you wonder and why.

  2. Lynda Maddison says:

    I don’t agree I wish that the government would stop trying to fix things are aren’t broke, and to stop trying to manipulate general election outcomes, by splitting the Labour vote up….
    They are doing their best to stamp out socialism..

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Agree with you Lynda. The Tories have always been in fear of any form of social justice. Which is why they are still attempting to destroy the Unions.

  3. Graham Taylor says:

    The Electoral Commission are always playing the numbers game and take no account of communities and their traditional links to each other.

    Bramcote needs to stop any further integration into the City. It has far more community of interest with the South of the existing constituency than the North and the East

    I cant see any reason to change the existing boundaries. It aint broke so why mend it?

    Rather the Government should seek to reduce the House of Lords by 50% or abolish it all together. The Lords has no place in a democratic society.

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