£1 million Refurbishment for Beeston Library

libraryInspire’s commitment to creating innovative and modern spaces continues with the planned £1m refurbishment of Beeston Library.

Work starts when the library closes at 4pm on Saturday, 1 October and will last for up to nine months. The project will deliver a series of improvements to the building’s infrastructure, including:

* New roof, windows, ceiling, lights, flooring and heating system.

* New shelving and a re-design of public spaces for modern library use.

* Reopening of the original main entrance on Foster Avenue.

* The creation of a new arts and learning room.

* A new IT innovation suite.

* Improvements to the meeting areas and exhibition spaces.

Inspire’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Gaw, commented: “At Inspire, we’re excited about the development of Beeston Library and the opportunity it gives us to create an inventive, modern space for the people of Beeston – and indeed Nottinghamshire.”

During its closure, a temporary library will be set up in the Beeston Youth and Community Centre, West End which will open on Monday 24 October. This will provide a selection of stock, some computer access and the continuation of some events such as the popular Rattle, Rhyme, Roll for children.

The opening hours will be:

The opening hours will be:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9am – 5pm 9am – 7pm 9am – 5pm 9am – 1pm 9am – 5pm 9am – 1pm

Stapleford and Toton Libraries will also benefit from additional opening hours during the closure.

Councillor John Knight – Chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council Culture Committee said ‘This is part of our commitment to modernise our libraries across the County to ensure they are fit for purpose and continue to be inspiring centres for reading, learning, culture and community activity for many years to come.”

The extensive plans are currently on display in Beeston Library, and residents are invited to offer feedback on the proposed works. Inspire will provide regular updates on the progress of the refurbishment and on the planned reopening date during the refurbishment period.

See £1 million Refurbishment for Beeston Library

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2 Responses to £1 million Refurbishment for Beeston Library

  1. Fred R says:

    That’s unexpectedly good news, seeing as libraries all over the country are either closing, being run by volunteers, or being severely cut back. Where has this £1m come from in these tight austere times? I didn’t see anything about this refurbishment when I was last in there just a few days back.

    The library being closed for 9 months isn’t such good news. I’m a regular punter there and will miss the place badly. The Youth centre is much less convenient than the current location, and the library will likely lose a lot of ‘passing trade’.

  2. Howard Shakespeare says:

    I suppose the council have to spend the tax payers money on something. But Beeston library was modernised a few years ago and is absolutely fine as it is.

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