Bramcote CAT Meeting 5 September 2016 – The Official Unofficial Minutes

Click on Our report on the meeting on 5 September 2016

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10 Responses to Bramcote CAT Meeting 5 September 2016 – The Official Unofficial Minutes

  1. David Watts says:

    Although it is not in the minutes Tony Harper also said that Bramcote residents were being misled by Bramcote Today, a statement which was not well received by the residents present.

  2. Steve Austin says:

    Tony Harper’s comment was nonsense. Bramcote Today’s posts are a fair reflection of residents’ views. I should know. I was at the meetings I reported on the website. He wasn’t present and is not therefore able to make a valid comment.
    His Committee made a huge mistake by suggesting that the whole of the Bramcote Additional site which consists of Bramcote Hills Park, all the school grounds and the Leisure Centre should be considered as having potential for development. Residents are rightly suspicious that not only will be there development on the Coventry Lane Playing Fields but that it will also take place on the Moor Lane playing fields.

  3. Pete Chesney says:

    The reported speeding figures referred to in the minutes (which seem significant to me) appear to support my concerns regarding the prevalence of speeding vehicles (cars & bikes) along this stretch of the A52. This road is lined with housing, is in close proximity to schools and a leisure centre, and yet nothing appears to be done to address this issue (and its inherent nuisance (noise) and safety aspects). What’s the point in deploying a temporary speed van/camera when nothing is done to address the issue longterm? I have raised this point on the neighbourhood priority site, but nothing appears to happen.

  4. alan beale says:

    I could not agree more Pete.
    If you look at the Bramcote Today archive for “A52” and go down to “Concerned about dangerous driving” – dated 18 November 2014 you can read about the concerns of 2 years ago. Basically, nothing has happened to improve things and I suspect that we will only get more robust action when we have an accident involving a pedestrian on the road. Then a camera will probably be installed.

    • Pete Chesney says:

      It does seem ridiculous. If you look at the Notts Safety Camera Partnership website it states that cameras are only installed where there’s a history of accidents related to speeding. So they essentially wait until there are a significant number of accidents/injuries (deaths?) before considering anything else. Surely prevention is the better option, when supported by evidence of ongoing speeding offences (e.g. more than 250 offences over 12 camera sitings). Could a local councillor raise this significant, reoccurring issue, with reference to the figures provided in the meetings minutes?

  5. Tony Harper says:

    I Would like to put the record straight as to what I actually said.. I was reading off a script during the meeting which everyone on my table could see. I did not deviate from it – The script read:-

    “Residents are not being asked to say yes or no to development of the whole site. It is crucially important that development is seen in its context, and part of the way that the whole area may take shape if allocated for any development is that Green Infrastructure will be enhanced including Bramcote Hills Park, Bramcote Hill and the ridgeline. This is part of the overall consultation package, and to now imply otherwise on the part of the Nottingham Post, Bramcote Today or any other media will be misleading.”

  6. Steve Carr says:

    When in a hole it is best to stop digging.

  7. Tony Harper says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Steve, that is why I have put the record straight as to exactly what was said

  8. paulnathanail says:

    Despite being a geologist, I will ignore the hole digging and muck flinging above.
    I would encourage everyone who reads this to see for themselves what the council have asked us – the consultation is at:

    Read, respond and encourage neighbours to do so too. Silence is tantamount to consent.

    Please please note that the formal consultation questions and supporting information on the council website is definitive and not what is said or posted anywhere else by anyone or any organisation.

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