A MARKS & SPENCERS store will open in Broxtowe Borough in a prominent new position at Chilwell’s popular retail park.

Broxtowe Borough Council dealt with the planning applications necessary to enable the iconic retailer to move onto the site.

“The Council is committed to increasing the number of new businesses in the Borough and we’re delighted that such a well-known name will be adding to the existing offering at the retail park. The new store will also create new jobs for our local residents. We expect to be leading the way in attracting and retaining jobs and business. This vote of confidence in our Borough is very welcome” said Councillor Mel Crow, Deputy Leader of the Council.

For more information, please contact Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115 917 3482 or email

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Editor of Bramcote Today. Trustee of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch. Lead Coordinator for RVR, Bramcote - Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
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  1. Steve Carr says:

    Spin alert.

    M&S is replacing an existing business, Wickes closed their store leaving the premises available.
    New jobs to replace ones lost when Wickes closed. So not new jobs.

    Please do not treat us like children Cllr Crow.

    • RichHartman says:

      Although M&S will probably provide more job opportunities than Wickes did? It’s surprising that M&S didn’t locate in Beeston centre where they could have been a useful anchor store to assist the rejuvenation of the town centre as a shopping destination in its post-tram era.
      To Hisham Kalam below, it’s M&S’s commercial decision to set upshop at Chilwell retail park rather than Beeston; no-one can blame “the powers that be” for that, even though the “powers that be” seek to claim glory for rubber-stamping a planning application.
      I’d hardly call M&S “iconic” these days. Did a red-banner journalist write this piece of hyperbole for the Councillor?

  2. Hisham Kalam says:

    If they have any vision – which sadly they don’t they would have looked after Beeston and High Road Chilwell where trade has declined substantially by inviting M&S and others to be in the heart of our previously thriving town. There is the Police Station, the unused building of Myford Engineering and many more which would have accommodated the likes of M&S with more. Look how well the West Bridford area is doing. Parking is a major issue which needs to have been tackled better. They should encourage small specialist businesses too as this is what makes the area a shopping destination. Tesco occupy so much space and not much was done for the specialist shops. Beeston serves or used to serve a very large number of residential areas like Bramcote, Wollaton, Attenborough, Toton, Stapleford, Beeston Ryalnd, even Long Eaton and Sandiacre etc. All have to go to Nottingham City Centre which is hard work often with traffic jams.

  3. Hisham Kalam says:

    Does any one know the opening date for the M&S store?

    • Sue Sambells says:

      David Watts reports: After years of rumours Marks and Spencer is eventually coming to Broxtowe. The chain will be opening a new store at the Chilwell retail Park next month. This will be a food retail store and will also include a café.

    • Sue Sambells says:

      See our Facebook page for photos – sign up saying opening 10am this Wednesday, 28th September.

  4. Barry Morrison says:

    Hisham..They were never interested in Beeston or High Road Chilwell in the first place so why should they show any interest now/. The whole idea of this tram was to get people into Nottingham city centre as Jon Collins has said many times on BBC EMT news and the fact that small traders are struggling is of no consequence to the powers that be..As far as they are concerned it’s upto the traders to up their game.

    • Joan Wade says:

      Barry – I have spoken with the “powers that be”. They tell me that they had the foresight to have the tram travel in both directions. This means that people can use it to go into Nottingham but they can also use it to travel to Beeston. It was never going to be possible to physically prevent Beeston people from going in to Nottingham city centre or prevent them from discovering that the centre existed. Indeed even before the tram some people had made the journey. However, our local traders, perhaps with help from a newly formed Bid, can seek to compete for custom should they wish to do so.

      • Barry Morrison says:

        Please tell me where I mentioned people being prevented from travelling anywhere..I did’nt..All I’m saying is that Councillors Collins and Urqhart gave the game away on many occasions by saying that their main interest was getting people into Nottingham city centre for their shopping or whatever..They did’nt give two flying monkeys about Beeston or Chilwell, As for the local traders who are not finding things easy despite your forecasted 5 million passengers using the tram, why should they join a possible newly formed BID when they themselves voted against the renewal of BID?..And here is a comment made by a few traders I have spoken regarding the old BID..”Why should we vote for something which did not do much for us?. Except once a year when Oxjam took place..Apart from that they queried why they should pay a percentage of the business rate when they were getting nothing in return..These are not my words, they are of some of traders on High Road. Chilwell

      • Joan Wade says:

        Barry – If any local trader is not finding things easy it may well be because they are not making enough profit. Profit comes from selling goods and or services to customers. Customers can choose where they shop. To make more profit businesses need to attract more customers. They can do this by selling the goods and or services that people want and by advertising (via the BID) or some other means what they have to offer.

    • RichHartman says:

      Barry – surely the main point of the tram is not simply to get people into Nottingham but to get people into Nottingham by tram who would otherwise use their cars, hence the large park&ride sites at the termini. And that’s not a bad thing in principle.

  5. paul nathanail says:

    Well it seems I am in a minority – as a keen M&S fan of long standing who cannot face the trek into the city centre, I for one am looking forward to the store in Chilwell retail park opening up.

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