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Anna Soubry 11 Aug 2016I am very proud to pay tribute to Broxtowe Borough Council who have settled four Syrian Refugee families in Beeston in the last few months. The families have come from refugee camps as part of the Government’s scheme for particularly vulnerable Syrian refugees. Some have experienced torture, physical or sexual abuse, some are made more vulnerable by disability or illness; all have had to flee their beloved country in fear of their lives. We can only imagine the terrors they have experienced.

Councillors Jan Goold and Janet Patrick have done a remarkable job – quietly spending many hours getting everything ready for each family. Community and faith groups, local churches and a variety of individuals have also volunteered their time and services. Councillor Richard Macrae organised a toy collection in Stapleford, the Beeston Bed Centre donated furniture, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Wilko made substantial donations. I am sure you join me in thanking them all.

Our Borough Council should be congratulated for being at the forefront of assisting vulnerable Syrian refugees – it requires particular skill because of their special situation and needs. Thanks to the hours put in by people like Jan and Janet, the donations and efforts of local businesses, community and faith groups, there has been minimal cost to the tax payer. But in any event this is money properly and well spent. 

There was much well evidenced concern that June’s EU Referendum revealed deep divisions in our society. I believe the generosity and kindness of so many, led by Jan and Janet, shows the true stuff that makes up our community in Broxtowe. I will be writing to all four families and with your support I will extend a warm welcome to them on behalf of my constituents.

Neighbourhood Forums – make sure you have your say!

I attended a meeting last night of the Awsworth Neighbourhood Forum. These groups of residents are being established throughout Broxtowe. Neighbourhood Forums have a formal and important role in shaping the future of our communities as they will draw up a Neighbourhood Plan to reflect the needs and vision residents have of development in their area. In Awsworth the Forum has done an excellent job in delivering an extensive survey to every home in the village and have had an encouraging response.

Plans for a similar Forum are well under way in Bramcote and people throughout the area are being asked to get involved (details below).

Toton residents are set to elect a chair and core group as the next step to getting their Neighbourhood Forum up and running. The meeting is on Sunday 4 September in The Village Hotel (The Vibe) at 4pm.

Neighbourhood Forums and Plans are in varying stages in Greasley, Nuthall, Stapleford and Kimberley. Please let me know if you would like more details or want to get involved.

Sign up for Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum >>>

Baroness Stowell of Beeston

Baroness Stowell of Beeston

In praise of Baroness Stowell of Beeston!       Our very own Baroness Tina Stowell of Beeston has stepped down as Leader of the House of Lords. Tina will be much missed having performed her duties with great success, winning support from Peers of all and no political persuasion.

Tina was born and bred in Beeston Rylands, went to Chilwell Comprehensive and then trained at the former Broxtowe College. Tina went on to have a distinguished career in business and public service before being made a Baroness.

In the run up to the last election and during our time in Cabinet, Tina and I became good friends. I am a huge admirer of her considerable abilities, cool head and sound common sense. Tina is a great role model for youngsters throughout Broxtowe and I hope local schools might call on her inspiration especially as she is a regular visitor to her parents home in the Rylands

Attenborough Sailing BIG weekend and Heritage Open Days   Thanks to a growing band of volunteers in Broxtowe we have some great community events. I particularly pay tribute to the organisers of the Attenborough Sailing Club’s BIG weekend starting on September 3rd and a hugely impressive programme of Heritage Open Days starting on Thursday 8 September through to Sunday 11 September. [ For more details click here – Heritage Open Days 2016 ]

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