Derby/Nottingham Metro Strategy

Councillor Steve Carr writes: I have today been alerted by Graham Heal, LibDem activist in Toton, about a strategy between Nottingham and Derby that has gone as far as consultation with the public. I am completely unaware of this and cannot find any reference on either Broxtowe Borough Council or the County Council websites.

The big issue here is that Broxtowe is slap bang in the middle of these two major cities! What are the implications for us? Have Broxtowe been consulted?

All questions I will be asking next week.

Editor See: Derby & Nottingham Metropolitan Strategy 2030

Derby & Nottingham Metropolitan Strategy 2030 Frequently Asked Questions

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2 Responses to Derby/Nottingham Metro Strategy

  1. Adrian Hirst says:

    Most of the phraseology seems to be recycled from the failed North Midlands Devolution Plan:-

    I have no problems with this but struggle with endless good intentions such as merging the Robin Hood and Mango Smartcards with little sign of any meaningful progress:-

    > “Harmonise and standardise access to public transport including the potential for closer shared working on Concessionary Fares Scheme, multi operator smart ticketing across boundaries”.

  2. Dear Adrian,

    Sadly we are no nearer to having a London Oyster style card.

    The Robin Hood and Mango Cards have not been merged and serve different (though considerably overlapping) transport options and areas whilst offering different pricing options for the same journeys.

    The Robin Hood card is valid on Nottingham City Transport, (including Pathfinder, South Notts)
    Trent Barton – (excluding Pronto, Red Arrow and Skylink Express and all services between midnight and 4am), Kinchbus, Linkbuses – (including bus park and ride) and Nottingham Express Transit – (including tram park and ride).

    There is also of course the recently upgraded NCT EasyRider card… and a YourBus Genie card (which is of very limited use to Bramcote residents following the demise of the Y4).

    My own frustration with the Robin Hood card is that it can only be topped up at certain locations in and around the City Centre and other local centres (Beeston, Bulwell etc) – whereas my frequent bus trips are almost entirely between Bramcote and the University of Nottingham. I can quite easily top up my Mango card online or on the bus – albeit for a 50p charge with the latter option – and the auto top-up feature means that it is possible to never run out of credit.

    The Robin Hood card is also confusing for passengers; it purports to be the best option but in many cases a single operator ticket is far cheaper. Travelling just on NCT buses for example would cost you £3.15 per day with the Robin Hood, but the NCT Easyrider Anyday card offers an almost identical product – pay as you go travel, with days that remain on the card when it is not used – from just £2.10 per day. Even topping up just 5 days on the Easyrider Anyday (for £15.50) offers a small saving. The lack of a child or student discount for pay as you go cards also further reduces their utility and viability, whilst also isolating the next generation of bus users from just the sort of technology that might appeal to them.

    When one looks at cooperation between Nottingham and Derby it gets even sadder – “Nottingham City Council recently removed funding to cover concessionary bus pass holders, including the disabled, when travelling over the county border on the Red Arrow. But with Derby City Council’s funding still in place, over-65s travelling the other way will be able to hop on at no charge”.
    (

    Perhaps what we really need is contactless payments, freeing all those with a contactless payment card from the need to carry and top up a separate card at all.


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