Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area get green light from Broxtowe

Paul Nathanail, Chair of Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum, writes: I am pleased to write that both of our applications were successful and the Bramcote Neighbourhood Area and Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum have been designated. We can now build on the momentum achieved over the last few months as we continue the process of developing our Neighbourhood Plan.

The decision notices are being posted on the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum Facebook page and website. In addition Broxtowe BC will be updating their website very shortly to reflect these decisions.

Over the early part of the autumn the Forum will be building on the vision for Bramcote that was developed by residents and adopted at the recent General Meeting. We will have both online and face to face opportunities to develop objectives and detailed planning policies that will help deliver that vision… more of which soon!

For now, a huge well done to all the members of our Neighbourhood Forum and many thanks to the members of the Steering Group for their hard work over the past few weeks and to Councillors John Doddy and, especially, Martin Plackett for their support and encouragement.
BTW If you are a member of the Neighbourhood Forum and we have your email address you were sent an email yesterday with this news. If you did not get this perhaps it got trapped in your Clutter or, unbelievable though it may seem, your Junk Folder.
And as always if you live in Bramcote and are not yet a member of the Neighbourhood Forum please think about signing up at:

Paul Nathanail

Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum

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2 Responses to Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area get green light from Broxtowe

  1. Paul Nathanail says:

    Broxtowe’s website now lists the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum and has the formal notice of the designation of the Forum and of the Area:

  2. Hug a planner! That’s the advice of Rowan Moore in an article in Sunday’s Guardian: “Planners could build a better Britain – given the chance”

    And if you think that is too remote, then perhaps take a look at this quirky blog by Jones the Planner from a few years ago now on “Nottingham – A Reluctant City”:

    On the other hand you could just join Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum by signing up at:

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