Waiting for Christmas !! (or the response to our Neighbourhood Plan applications)

Paul Nathanail, Chair, of Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum, Writes : The Council response to the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum’s application to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for the area of Bramcote Ward is due any day now.

Over the past week I and others from the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum Steering Group have taken part in a series of 5 workshops hosted by Broxtowe’s planning team to discuss policies to include in Broxtowe’s Local Plan Part 2: Housing, Business needs, Green belt policies, Heritage, and Open Spaces.

Anyone wanting to find out more about such plans may enjoy watching this 2 minute video from Locality:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvAHhrKNVt0

People ask me what will be included in the plan. The short answer is whatever (within the rules) we – the residents and businesses of Bramcote – decide to. The best way to be informed is to join the Forum at: http://eepurl.com/b3LBK9

Meanwhile it’s back to waiting for that response… have we been good enough?

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