Official Reason for Rejection of the Planning Application for a Retirement Village

Here is a copy of the letter that was sent to the applicants informing them that the planning application to build a retirement village on the Golf Course land was  rejected. Broxtowe BC Rejection of Planning Application 14/00677

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6 Responses to Official Reason for Rejection of the Planning Application for a Retirement Village

  1. Steve Carr says:

    Let’s keep everything crossed that the applicant does not appeal.

  2. RichHartman says:

    The minutes of the meeting ( ) make it clear that if the developer appeals he will probably win and with his costs bill to be paid by the council (namely council taxpayers across the whole borough). If this does happen, will (only) those who objected to the application have a whip-round to pay the costs of the developer and of the council?
    Note that the experienced chairperson of the planning committee did not vote to reject the development and wanted her vote put on the record.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Good question Rich, maybe we taxpayers who haven’t subscribed either way ought to withhold a substantial amount from our Council Tax (BBC portion) if such an appeal happens and is upheld, with costs.

  3. Paul Nathanail says:

    The deadline for representations for the Appeal against this refusal is 9 February 2017 (i.e. TOMORROW).

    Representations can be made online at:

    BUT PLEASE NOTE THE Planning Inspectorate web portal is NOT available tonight between 1830 – 2330 so please engage sooner than later.

    As recent events have shown, this is a combination of strengths of argument, legitimacy of the voice being spoken and SHEER NUMBERS! So if the future of the former gold course matters to you, please have your say.

    Paul Nathanail
    Bramcote resident

  4. Local residents have until tomorrow (9 February) to make their voices heard by the Planning Inspector considering the appeal against this refusal of outline planning permission.

    Representations can be made via the web:

    BUT please note the website is down from 1830 – 2330 this evening.

    As recent events show, this is a numbers game as well as the authority of the opinions being expressed so I would urge all with an interest to have their say.

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