Bramcote Hills Golf Course Planning Application

The planning application was rejected at Broxtowe Borough Council’s Planning Committee  meeting this evening. 11 votes for rejection, 1 vote for.

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12 Responses to Bramcote Hills Golf Course Planning Application

  1. Mike Johnson says:

    Thank you to Councillor Dr John Doddy, Steve Beck and Ian Radmore who spoke to the meeting against the application. Thank you also to the Councillors of the Planning Committee who spoke and voted to reject the application. Last but not least thank you to all the residents who sent in their objections and also to those who helped compile the Residents Wildlife Survey and for sending in the many photographs that helped persuade the Councillors to reject the application.

    • Maybe David Watts can now stop sending out newsletters saying that certain people were going to vote for the application and posting comments on Twitter. I didn’t see him sat in the public gallery neither.

  2. Cllr Martin Plackett Bramcote Ward BBC (Conservative) says:

    A resounding vote of rejection of the plans this evening at the Borough Council Planning meeting.
    Thank you to the large number of Bramcote folk who attended the meeting in support of those wishing to see the application rejected. A big thank you to Mike Johnson who has led this campaign for several years along with those who spoke to the meeting, Cllr John Doddy, Steve Beck and Ian Radmore.
    For me personally having campaigned for many years along with my political colleagues against development on this site I am truly delighted at the outcome.

  3. Graham Taylor says:

    A big thank you to all the Planning Committee Members who voted to reject the Planning Application this evening.and thanks to Steve for letting us know.

    It was the right decision and one that will be much appreciated by all lovers of open spaces and a wildlife corridor that is Bramcote Hills.

    It was not NIMBYISM is was a common sense, environmental decision and I am delighted for all residents of Broxtowe that this decision has been taken.

  4. John W. Riley says:

    Special thanks to Mike Johnson for all his effort and direction behind the scene. Well done Mike. JWR

  5. stevebeck66 says:

    Mike has been the rock behind this campaign, along with support from the open space group. A huge well done to Mike. It was a team effort but instrumented primarily though Mike’s tireless efforts. Lets keep in mind this is round one over, an appeal may be on our doorstep for round two.. Steve Beck.

  6. Howard Shakespeare says:

    Excellent result!
    Not only is the golf course now safe from development, but land throughout the borough, with the same level of protection, should remain secure.

    • Steve Carr says:

      If only that was the case. I fear an appeal especially given that Councillors went against the recommendation of officers. It is not unusual but in these times of central Government setting housing targets, it is a risk. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen.

  7. Mike Johnson says:

    Thank you to you all for the comments. I have been supported over the years by a very good committee. It has been a Team effort. I did not mention Councillor Martin Plackett earlier but he has, I know, been working behind the scenes to put over our case for the ‘Green Corridor’ and the ‘Protected Open Space’. We now need to support the Bramcote Forum Team and get the Bramcote Plan in place, so that phase two of the Broxtowe Core Strategy may be completed.

    • Paul Nathanail says:

      Mike – wise words as ever!

      As soon as I get the formal reply from Broxtowe about our application for the neighbourhood area and neighbourhood forum I will let everyone on here know.

      Key to both last night and any future neighbourhood plan is engagement by us as residents – engagement by as many as possible and engagement as deep as possible in formulating the plan for our area.

      Over this week and next week, forum members are taking part in 5 thematic workshops to feed into Broxtowe’s Local Plan Part 2 and we will then be able to see how those ideas can inform our own plan moving into the early autumn.

      So there is a busy time ahead but for the moment, it is time to reflect on how both the breadth and depth of local voices, orchestrated by Mike’s over the years, were instrumental in the overwhelming vote to not grant permission.


      PS Anyone inspired by last night and not yet a member of the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum can join at:

  8. Dianne G says:

    Hi Mike

    I want to thank you for your great efforts over many years in representing we residents in our opposition to the planning proposal

    Also many thanks to your colleagues who played such crucial roles in preparing the case for opposition

    Best wishes

    Ian and Dianne Gillott

  9. Lindsey Hills says:

    Excellent result! Living on Deddington lane this has been a real source of concern. Thank you to all who voted reject! The wildlife on the old Golf Course needs to be protected at all costs. This is also great news in terms of the traffic passing through Deddington and the overall appeal of living here.

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