News From Broxtowe Liberal Democrats 11 July 2016

Liberal Democrats LogoDavid Watts writes on: 1. Local Migration, 2. Flooding Enquiry, 3. Cycling Safety, 4. Stapleford South West By Election, 5. Broxtowe Women’s Project, 6. Broxtowe Community Celebration, 7. Petrol Problems, 8. Dog Attacks, 9. Green Flag Awards, 10. Beeston Post Office, 11. Chilwell MOT Centre, 12. Stapleford and District Local History Society, 13. Beeston Hindu Temple, 14. Petrol Station to Close, 15. Beeston Park Rangers Soccer Coaching, 16. Tuberous Sclerosis Association Cabaret Night, 17. Proms On The Pitch, 18. Toton Community Fun Day, 19. School Summer Fairs.

1. Local Migration
There was some interesting research published this week about where people move to when they leave Nottingham. The study tried to plot where people who left Nottingham in the 12 months to July 2015 went to, and the answer is that a lot of them came to Broxtowe. In that period 2,270 people moved from the city to Broxtowe, the second highest destination for people from the city (behind Gedling on 2,810 people). This is one of the challenges for our local council – the demand for housing and services here is not just for existing residents but also for the large numbers who want to move here.

2. Flooding Enquiry
County Councillors in Nottinghamshire have launched an investigation into whether the tram network contributed to the impact of flooding in Beeston and Chilwell a couple of weeks back. I have heard from readers of this newsletter who were flooded, and who felt that the tram lines made matters worse, and so I welcome this enquiry. If the tram has made matters worse then immediately remedial action will be needed.

3. Cycling Safety
Sticking with the tram, the County Council have announced that they have finished a review into the safety of cyclists along the route after a couple of serious accidents. A number of changes have been made, including laying new red surfacing, new signs and removing obstructions. The County Council have said that there is no further money for upgrade work.

4. Stapleford South West By Election
There is a by election for the Stapleford Town Council on Thursday in the Stapleford South West Ward. The Lib-Dem candidate is Tim Hallam, and he would make an excellent councillor. Tim was formerly an engineer in the Royal Air Force, and is a Stapleford local. If you live in the ward please use your vote on Thursday to elect Tim.

5. Broxtowe Women’s Project
Broxtowe Women’s Project is a long standing charity in Broxtowe providing help and support to victims of domestic violence. The borough council have supported this scheme for many years. Unfortunately, the current Conservative Administration has decided to cut this funding and has placed serious doubts over its ability to survive in the future. I think that this is a really ill thought out move, but the six male and one female councillor who voted for it presumably thought that the service wasn’t necessary. On a brighter note though the council have decided to give the money that they saved to Greasley Parish Council to refurbish their central heating system.

6. Broxtowe Community Celebration
On Saturday 16 July the annual Broxtowe Community Celebration will take place at Round Hill School in Beeston between 11am and 4pm. This festival celebrates the diversity and variety found within our community, and will include music, dance, songs, arts and crafts, sports and food from around the world. Everyone is welcome to attend and this is an event I can strongly recommend.

7. Petrol Problems
There was a problem with petrol dispensed from the Texaco garage on Queens Road East last week after rainwater got into the storage tank and contaminated the fuel. This has led to a number of vehicles which brought petrol there breaking down shortly afterwards. The problem with the petrol was quickly rectified after it was discovered but if you think you may have been affected by this then please contact the garage.

8. Dog Attacks
A report published this week by the Royal Mail said that NG postcodes have the highest number of recorded attacks on postal workers by dogs. There were 68 attacks in the year up to April, putting Nottinghamshire in the number 1 position ahead of Peterborough (65) and Northern Ireland (56). Royal Mail are urging people to ensure that their dogs are kept under proper control when the postman or woman visits.

9. Green Flag Awards
Green Flag Awards are awarded to high quality parks and open spaces across the country. This year Bramcote Hills Park has won the award for the tenth year in succession whilst Colliers Wood Park and Brinsley Headstocks have each won the award for the past eight years. To celebrate this the new green flag will be raised in the walled garden in Bramcote Hills Park on Thursday 28th July at 11am.

10. Beeston Post Office
I reported some time ago that the Post Office were planning on closing their branch on Chilwell Road and moving it to WH Smiths on the High Road. Now the owners of the existing post office on the High Road have objected to this plan as they believe (almost certainly correctly) that they would lose a lot of business if there are two branches on the same road. The Post Office say that no decision has yet been made and that they are considering the matter carefully.

11. Chilwell MOT Centre
There was an interesting article in the Nottingham Post last week about problems being encountered by Chilwell MOT Centre. Apparently the County Council have painted double yellow lines outside the garage, which is causing problems for their customers. The County Council say that the lines should always have been there but that they had faded over the years. I would be interested to hear from people who have encountered problems with these, or with parking problems around that area.

12. Stapleford and District Local History Society
The next meeting of the Stapleford Local History Society will be on Tuesday 12th July, at St Helens Church Hall in Frederick Road, starting at 7.30pm. The theme is the Castle of Derbyshire and there is a £2.50 admission charge for non-members.

13. Beeston Hindu Temple
Plans have been submitted to the Borough Council to refurbish the outside of Beeston Hindu Temple on West Crescent. The proposals would cost about £25,000 and involve covering the brick wall with fibreglass and installing a number of statues.

14. Petrol Station to Close
The Sandicliffe Petrol Station on Nottingham Road in Stapleford has announced that it is to close. The garage and car sales room on the same site will remain open.

15. Beeston Park Rangers Soccer Coaching
Beeston Park Rangers FC Soccer School are looking for male / female volunteers who are interested in getting into coaching. They also have a couple of young age groups who are looking for a manager. DBS checks will need to be done. For further details please call Kerry on 07870 409422.

16. Tuberous Sclerosis Association Cabaret Night
On Thursday 14 July there will be a cabaret night at the Beeston Royal British Legion, 16 Hall Croft, Beeston, NG9 1EL, starting at 7.30pm. This will be an evening of live music in support of the Tuberous Sclerosis Association and the Speech, Sign and Song Club. Tickets cost £5 and are available from Beeston Royal British Legion or Diane’s Cabin, 45 High Road, Beeston.

17. Proms On The Pitch
On Friday 15 July the first ever Proms on the Pitch will take place at Newdigate Street, Kimberley, between 7:30pm and 10pm. Kimberley Institute are proud to announce that the award winning Newstead Brass Band will be playing at their first ever Proms on the Pitch. The event costs £5 per person (£3 for under 16’s). If attending [lease bring seats, blankets etc.

18. Toton Community Fun Day
The Toton Community Fun Day will take place on Saturday 16th July between 12 noon and 5pm at Manor Park in Toton. This will feature Arts and crafts, bouncy castle, food and drink, local stalls, golf range and much more. Everyone is welcome to attend.

19. School Summer Fairs
Beeston Fields Primary School will take place at the school on Saturday 16th July starting at 11am. This will include fairground rides. tombola, BBQ and much more. Also on Saturday the William Lilley Infant and Nursery School will be holding their summer fair between 11am and 2pm. Everyone is welcome to attend either event.
As ever thank you for your support for this newsletter. Any feedback is gratefully received. As is usual I will be taking a summer break during August so the last edition before then will be on Sunday 24th July, in two weeks time.

Best wishes

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