Y4 Bus Service‏

Dhru Shah writes: I’m very sad to hear that Y4 is to be stopping its service to/from Nottingham at the end of July 2016.

Since it started last year, with its promotions and discount fares, Y4 was very competitive. Indeed, its forced Trent Barton to up its game, putting on extra buses, and holding their fares. I guess i4’s reaction to this increased competition has finally succeeded.

What are the bets that once Y4 stops, we will see the return to overcrowded buses, long bus stop queues at peak times, longer waits, and increases in fares returning?

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2 Responses to Y4 Bus Service‏

  1. Rick P says:

    Trent Barton fares went up in May. I agree it will be back to the peak time, hot, sweaty sardine express for the summer as the drivers never put the air conditioning on, probably as they are ordered not too as it puts costs up. It will be back to buses failing to stop as they are full, or it will mean standing room only all the way to Nottingham. Ah well such is progress!

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