Bramcote Hills Golf Course Planning Application

The outline planning application to build a retirement and specialist care community on Bramcote Hills Golf Course will be determined at Broxtowe Borough Council’s Planning Committee Meeting on 20 July 2016. The meeting will commence at 7.00 p.m. in the Town Hall, Foster Avenue, Beeston.

Those who have submitted comments on the application have been invited to speak at the Committee Meeting. I urge those who wish to reinforce their comments to take up the opportunity.

In any case, local residents affected by this development should attend the meeting. Its an important planning application for the area and you should go to observe how the politicians deal with your views.

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7 Responses to Bramcote Hills Golf Course Planning Application

  1. Graham Taylor says:

    The Application should be refused.

    The area should be left as a natural corridor , along the ridge.

    It is not conducive to buildings of any sort, because of the lay of the land , water run off and infrastructure of the roads nearby.

    Hopefully our elected representatives , will stand for the wishes of the local residents.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Not that I live close to the Golf Course Graham, BUT, what happens if the majority of local residents have no objection (by presumption) to building on that land.

      • Steve Austin says:

        Ian: Have a look at the report of a residents’ meeting on 27 November 2014 to consider the Golf Course proposals at Of the 143 who attended the meeting 131 were opposed to the proposal for development on the golf course. Nobody supported the proposals. There were 12 abstentions.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        143 attendees out of a local population of how many. As I said I have no particular interest in future use of the golf course but please don’t assume that peoples non attendance at a meeting means that they (by presumption) support your objections.

      • Paul Nathanail says:

        Ian makes a good point!

        Broxtowe BC in their agenda items for the planning committee on 20 July report:

        “5.16.1 132 representations were received in relation to the application as submitted in
        November 2014. Of these, 124 are objections, five are observations, two are
        items of support and one supports/makes observations. In addition, a petition
        with 282 signatures has been received objecting to the development as it would
        lead to the loss of an important green strip running through south Broxtowe,
        would be harmful for wildlife, would be incredibly prominent, would overlook
        existing properties and would increase the risk of flooding.

        5.16.2 66 objections and one item of support have been received in relation to the
        amended indicative layout submitted in January 2015. ”

        As Ian rightly points out, it is incumbent on us all to use the privileges we have in this country to have out voices heard and taken into account – in this case by engaging with the consultation process of the planning system.

        As one of the 132 who made representations in relation to the application, I have asked to speak at next week’s meeting so won’t say more just at the moment.

        Paul Nathanail

    • Howard Shakespeare says:

      I don’t know of a single resident who favours development on the former golf course.
      As the land is protected, should permission be granted, it would put similar land throughout the county under a similar threat of development.
      As the council own the access on Deddington Lane, this is effectively a ransom strip. The developers would need to obtain this land from the council to proceed with the project.
      The development must be rejected.

      • RichHartman says:

        If the council does indeed own a ransom strip, it will sell it simply to raise money. The council won’t want to be seen to stand in the way of new housing which is so desperately needed , according to our Conservative government, just because it might own a strip of land needed for the access.

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