Petition to create an independent office to monitor political campaigns

If you are not happy with the information we were all given by the Politicians during the campaigns before the EU Referendum then you may like to sign this petition.

The instigator of this petition Josh Babarinde Writes:

Petition PhotoIn the recent referendum on the EU one thing became clear to me: in political campaigns it’s becoming hard to distinguish fact from fiction.  I’m worried this is undermining the integrity of our democratic system.

It’s obvious now that both Leave and Remain mislead in their election campaigns: Nigel Farage has said it was wrong for the Leave campaign to suggest the EU would give us an extra £350 million a week for our NHS and George Osborne has now fudged his “Brexit Budget.” 

And this isn’t the first time. In other recent elections, such as the London Mayoral campaign, candidates said contradictory things. It wasn’t apparent to me who was telling the truth and who was making things up. This has to stop.

Us voters feel hoodwinked. We need someone holding political campaigns to account so we can make an informed decision about our future.

We have a body, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), that monitors truth in corporate campaigns. It’s about time we had one for politics as well.

I would like to see UK party leaders and the Electoral Commission working with advice from groups such as the ASA to establish an independent Office of Electoral Integrity (OEI) to factually verify the truthfulness of claims made during political campaigns.

The OEI should hold campaigns to account, with powers to issue fines and factual clarifications.

There’s a precedent for a body like this – a body in Australia monitors political claims and ensures people have their facts straight. Why don’t we get something similar here?

We need an Office of Electoral Integrity to make sure that the British public are told the truth. Let’s restore faith in our democratic process.

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One Response to Petition to create an independent office to monitor political campaigns

  1. Sue Sambells says:

    Julia Hickey, via Facebook, suggested “Would be worth launching this petition on the government petition website If launched there and achieves 100,000 signatures then it will be considered for debate in parliament?”

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