Top 10 tips to keep safe this summer

  1. Take your keys out of the window locks so they can’t be seen from the outside.
  2. Keep track of your keys. Some insurers may want to see evidence of forced entry before deciding whether or not to pay out on a claim but most would expect to see that you have taken reasonable precautions.
  3. If you lose your key or it’s stolen and you have good reason to believe that it could be traced back to your home address (e.g. your handbag’s stolen with your address in the bag as well as the keys), then you should have your locks replaced.
  4. If you have smaller, high value items in a shed or outdoors, think about bringing them indoors.
  5. Make sure outbuildings including sheds and garages are locked. Keep back gates locked and check fencing is secure.
  6. Secure outside ladders so they can’t be used as a tool to help break into your house.
  7. If you have a burglar alarm use it – it’s an extra level of security.
  8. Report a theft to the police as soon as possible and obtain a crime reference number. This makes it easier for your insurer to deal with a claim and increases the chances of the police making a recovery / arrest.
  9. Be sensible about the information you post online and be especially cautious if you plan to go away. Update your privacy and security settings on a regular basis.
  10. Take photographs of valuables and keep receipts or valuations and record serial numbers as this may help the police recover items following a theft. Consider registering on www.immobilise. com – this is supported by most UK Police forces.

The above has been taken from the latest publication of OurNews.

About Sue Sambells

Editor of Bramcote Today. Trustee of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch. Lead Coordinator for RVR, Bramcote - Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
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