Broxtowe Votes to Leave

Leave 35754

Remain 29672

Spoilt ballot papers 42

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38 Responses to Broxtowe Votes to Leave

  1. Howard Shakespeare says:

    Democracy in action. A high turnout and large win for Leave in our constituency.

    We have voted for Brexit just in time. The EU was becoming increasingly antidemocratic, dictatorial, unaccountable and power grabbing. It was well on the way to becoming neo-fascist.

    Brexit is the catalyst which will free people all over Europe.

    Greek friends tell me that posters are being pasted up. “Kai tora Grexit” – And next Grexit.

  2. Ian Blakeley says:

    Fred R. As a member of the human race I find your post HIGHLY offensive to others.

    • Howard Shakespeare says:

      I agree with you Ian. Those who supported the EU were either blind, deluded, or in favour of neo-fascism. No libertarian would vote for such an Orwellian entity.
      Brexit is the catalyst, for other Europeans to return their nations to democracy, sovereignty and freedom.

      Carpe diem!

    • Fred R says:

      Oh, my, a kipper pot calling the kettle black. The whole leave campaign revolved around racism and xenophobia – sorry, ‘immigration’. There wasn’t much respect for incomers and refugees being humans, IIRC, and Fruitcake’s openly racist poster was a clear statement of dehumanisation of incomers. Not that your being offended is of any consequence to me.

    • Fred R says:

      So, Howie, Remainers were supporters of neo-fascism, eh? Funny, Channel 4 News has today reported on ‘victory parades’ by far Right groups in England and a spike in “hate crimes” against non-whites, a predictable consequence of the vote being the emboldening and legitimising of real, live, street fascism. I do hope that your dislike of “neo-fascism” will extend to your new bedfellows.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      How dare you call me racist you ignoramus. You haven’t got an f’in clue have you. Go away and play.

  3. Joan Wade says:

    I am still not convinced that Brexit will actually happen. Cameron has made it clear that he will not take the UK’s resignation letter (Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty) to Europe. The EU Presidents are demanding that we resign now and according to the Financial Times some in Europe are now looking to see if Britain can be forced out of the EU. In contrast Brexit leaders appearing in the media today appear unwilling to jump to the bidding of the EU and appear decidedly lukewarm about the idea of any rush to leave with some now even suggesting that leave could be many years away. Once we have crossed over a General Election the mandate for the referendum will be superseded by an election mandate.

    • Howard Shakespeare says:

      I’m not surprised that you don’t think it will happen Ms Wade. Your political predictions are always incorrect, so why break the cycle.

      • Joan Wade says:

        You are right Howard. Lots of things I had not foreseen –
        Sterling at a 31 year low and with even Greek hoteliers refusing to accept pound sterling.
        £124 billion wiped of the value of UK companies.
        UK stripped of its credit rating.
        Rise in hate crimes reported by police across the country.
        Brexit leaders disowning pledges made within hours of the referendum result.
        EU leaders looking at whether they will need to force us out of the EU and making it clear already that we are getting no special deal.
        Very real concerns that the United Kingdom will break up now brought to the fore.
        Inter-generational strife running throughout the land.
        Business leaders from all sectors expressing concern about the uncertainty with doubts now about saving UK steel production.

        It is all looking much worse than I predicted.

      • Fred R says:

        Yep, that’s about the size of it, Joan, and there’s far worse to come. Once Scotland secedes, which is a certainty now, the last holdout of progressive politics in the UK will be gone, and the rump will be consigned to neo-liberal Tories for a generation at least.

      • Barry Morrison says:

        Steve’s been reading ”The Guardain” again

  4. Barry Morrison says:

    Fred. I live in a council house in Bramcote village and now I’m classed as petit-bourgeois. I don’t know whether to be flattered or give a flying fig about a silly comment.
    I’ll drink me beer and think about it

  5. Dr Allan Dodds says:

    White van man taken in by the lies and propaganda promulgated by two failed journalists supported by the Sun and the Daily Mail. This disaster will not be allowed to unfold. Parliament could stop it tomorrow with an Act.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      ….and Democracy Allan?

      • Dr Allan Dodds says:

        The ancient Romans had an interesting form of democracy: educated, well-informed people could never be outvoted by the ignorant plebs! We would nowadays call it disproportional representation but it served their empire well for several hundred years.

      • Dr Allan Dodds says:

        We have a representative democracy Ian, not a plebiscite one. The people’s opinion is merely advisory.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        So what you are saying Allan, is that the votes of myself and my wife last Thursday can be ignored in favour of your good self and wife/partner. After all, you appear to be quite well educated.

  6. Barry Morrison says:

    The Sun and The Daily Mail did’nt cause these problems. They were caused by Ted Heath and all the back stabbing lying hypocrites who have left us in this mess..Ted Heath..Harold Wilson..Tony Blair..Peter Hain to name just a few..They all knew what the ultimate aim was(a fedreral europe, and still is) and now apparently it’s to quote Anna Soubry ;;The white working class”. Well Anna would do well to remember that it’s the white working class which secured her majority last year and it’s the white working class who they’ve shoved to the bottom of the pile for the last few years, and now they’ve hit back You’ve lost my vote Anna

  7. Dave W says:

    Well I wait with baited breath to see what the Tories are going to do about Bojo. As for Hunt claiming the next PM can negotiate and then have another referendum. Once Article 50 is triggered – 2 years and we are out, the result is either what is negotiated or WTO rules apply. Out is out, there is no second chance games. The bright area in all this is that the Europeans will get rid of the divisive Farage, and after his performance this morning they will be duly grateful.

  8. Barry Morrison says:

    Knowing the way the EU operates and has operated since 1993 you can’t take anyting for granted until it’s done..They’ll change the rules to suit their own agenda..It’s the way the EU works..And this ain’t over by a long chalk

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Very true. Personally I’d be more than happy if they dropped Federalisation plans, realised that the Euro experiment needs a lot more work and most of all dumped the Unelected, Unwanted and Un-Democratic layers above the 28 (still at moment) strong Council of Ministers. Immigration was never a factor as far as I was concerned, and I suspect for many other leavers.

  9. Dr Allan Dodds says:

    ‘So what you are saying Allan, is that the votes of myself and my wife last Thursday can be ignored in favour of your good self and wife/partner.’

    Not at all Ian. I dutifully respect both of your votes whilst knowing precisely what to think of them!

    ‘After all, you appear to be quite well educated.’

    I think that’s what’s called being damned by faint praise.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      So you don’t think a lot of my wifes vote to remain Allan. Never assume, always check.

  10. Douglas Searle says:

    After all this time it would appear that Fred R, Ms Joan Wade, Dave W and Dr Allan Dodds are wrong in what they said just after the Referendum results set us free from that sclerotic club known as the European Union. I have to ponder as to how many of the above are under the age of 60 years and therefore haven’t known the freedom that we had before we were conned into joining this disgusting club. I hope that the people of the Broxtowe constituency have the sense to remove Ms Soubry as their MP at the next General Election.

    • Susan A. says:

      Regarding your last sentence, Douglas, I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve voted Conservative all my life but cannot do so at the next election if Anna Soubry is re-selected as the Conservative Party Candidate for Broxtowe. Neither Labour (Corbynomics, anyone?) nor LibDem (re-running the referendum?) would be in the running so for the first time in 60+ years, I may have to not vote at all unless a convincing independent candidate stands.

  11. Douglas Searle says:

    Hello Susan A
    Like yourself, I have always voted for the Conservative party. I am now nearly 77 years of age and, also, like you feel disenfranchised with what we have. I voted to Leave but have doubts regarding Mrs May. Unfortunately in the Borough where I live all three MP’s are Labour and are anti-Brexit, so no hope there. My best wishes to a fellow democrat.

    • Fred R says:

      ” My best wishes to a fellow democrat.” – so, all who were against Brexit are anti-democratic, eh? Plainly age brings experience but not always wisdom.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        “age brings experience but not always wisdom.” as you have so often demonstrated Fred.

  12. Douglas Searle says:

    Fred R must really not see things that are not there. Where did I say that all those who were against Brexit are anti-democratic. I have looked everywhere but just cannot see as to where I have said those words in my submission.
    When I said ‘best wishes to a fellow democrat’ I was merely giving Susan A my salutation.
    Age does indeed bring experience and in this instance the wisdom to vote for Leave because the EU is the thing that is the most anti-democratic. I have to assume that Fred R has not yet reached his age of wisdom.
    I hope that you don’t mind if I correct you again Fred R, but the expression eh? is not a word nor grammatically sound.
    Best wishes

  13. keith adams says:

    time to get yourselves a new MP. Anna is deeply disappointed to be leaving the eu. Broxtowe gave her the worst day of her life. and if it came to a parliamentary vote would she back her constituents. I wrote to my MP asking that very question and got a superb positive reply back

    • Douglas Searle says:

      Completely agree with the comments of Keith Adams. Someone should take this woman to one side and inform her that she is the servant of the people not the other way around. It is all about her constituents views.

      • Fred R says:

        Not in a representative democracy it’s not. If she were a delegate then yes, she’d have to directly present her constituents’ views, much as, say, trade union delegates do to union conferences. In a representative democracy, she has the freedom, once elected, to represent her constituency as she sees fit, and to interpret its views as she wants. I’m not defending or attacking this, it’s just how the UK parliamentary democracy works.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Anna has stated that when/if the vote goes to the House she will be voting iaw our wishes, i.e. leave. However she appears to be going back a bit as the other day I heard her saying that she is likely to vote against the government for some reason to do with Brexit.

  14. Trevor Davey says:

    Why oh why have you elected a woman MP, ( who is an EU remainer ), when the majority of this particular constituency voted OUT at the referendum. This woman is not helping at all, the cause to leave and is a thorn in the side of everything “Leave”, it just doesn’t make any sense at all !! The constituents want to tell her what they voted for at the referendum.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Trevor Davey. We have a woman MP because that was the result of the election and I am happy with that, even though I do not agree with her politics. On a more serious point are you daring to say to the electorate that Anna should not be an MP BECAUSE of her sex/gender (whatever the in word is today). If that is so, perhaps you would like to say that out loud and I’m sure that many people on here will give you the benefit of their opinion. Or perhaps you would like to see the end of female suffrage ‘as per’ certain Islamic Countries. Or maybe we should leave the governance of our country to our “elders and betters” who will be male (naturally), just like in the good old days.

  15. Douglas Searle says:

    In response to the posting by Ian Blakeley on the 14th November 2017, I believe that Trevor Davey was not saying that Anna shouldn’t be an MP because she is a woman but that if the MP had been a male he would have used words to that particular gender. I know if I had made that posting I would probably have used words that are very similar to those used by Trevor Davy, and I love the ladies. Please take time to think on it Ian.
    I don’t doubt that I will get the usual leftist and Pro -EU comments from Dave W, Dr. Allan Dodds and Fred R.
    Just as a matter of interest, Fred, the 18th century Edmund Burke may have established the principle that MP’s may follow their consciences rather than merely being the servants of their constituents, and therefore are representatives, not delegates, BUT, this idea does not quite apply in the case of Brexit. The EU Referendum was not a parliamentary election. It was ultra-parliamentary, in that it went far beyond and above the Commons.
    My best wishes to you all.

    • Fred R says:

      Your ‘not doubt’ is misplaced. Picking brick particles out of my forehead gets stale and old after a bit. Mind you, I’m surprised that this thread has been exhumed of late. Perhaps the sysadmin should put a stake through its heart.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      “Why oh why have you elected a woman MP”. I rest my case Douglas Searle. If that’s not sexist what is? Plus I refer you to my previous post on 8 December 2016 which I believe has been the case since. Please try to keep up.

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