Inconsiderate Parking in Urban Streets

Councillor Martin Placket writes: In order to aid discussion as David Watts suggests in the Liberal Democrats newsletter I publish my e-mail sent to our Member of Parliament following a Police Priority Setting Meeting held last week.

Good Morning Anna,

Attended, as I always do the latest Police Priority Setting Meeting in Stapleford for our area last Thursday, with a PCSO in attendance. There was much discussion regarding inconsiderate/illegal parking close to junctions on the Russley/ Rufford/ Valmont Roads in Bramcote giving residents much grief and frustration over the issue. Our County Councillors clearly say that yellow lines are not the answer or possible. Our PCSO’s (who cannot issue parking tickets)and Police are understandably ‘too stretched’ to cover these sort of problems. The PCSO’s as a possible solution are to place a card/leaflet on offending vehicles asking the owners to be more considerate. ( Many of the vehicles are left for days at a time.) It was also suggested that I write to you seeking future legislation for Traffic Wardens/PCSO’s to be able to issue a ticket for obstruction in addition to illegal parking.

My thanks in advance for your attention to this issue.


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One Response to Inconsiderate Parking in Urban Streets

  1. Cllr Martin Plackett Bramcote Ward BBC says:

    I have today received a copy of a letter written by our M P Anna Soubry to the Home Secretary Theresa May seekng her assistance with this issue.

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