News from Rt. Hon. Anna Soubry MP – 18 June 2016

Anna Soubry MPFlood action / Chetwynd Barracks update / EU campaigning suspended / The Hemlock Happening /  Safe cycling campaign continues to get results / Women and the vote /

Flood action 

Tram FloodThere was widespread flooding last Thursday – after a huge amount of rain in a short period of time. However, we have experienced similar weather before and remained flood free.

Beeston, parts of Chilwell and Toton were all badly affected and in Stapleford blocked culverts and drains were responsible for localised flooding.

Yesterday I contacted both Broxtowe and Notts County Council who quickly swung into action. I know residents on Lower and Fletcher Road in Beeston were particularly grateful to the leader of Broxtowe, Cllr Richard Jackson who got council workers on the scene to clear up raw sewage. My thanks to all concerned. There is clearly a problem in parts of Beeston and Chilwell which didn’t exist before the tram works so I have already asked for a thorough investigation. I am pleased to report that the leader of Notts County Council, Alan Rhodes got straight back to me having asked his senior Highways officials for a full report.

Chetwynd Barracks update

Earlier this week the leader of Broxtowe Borough Council Richard Jackson, the legal officer Phil Horsefield Chetwynd Photoand I met with the Defence Minister and his officials to discuss the future of Chetwynd Barracks.

We were told the Army does intend to vacate the barracks as soon as is operationally possible and almost all the land will be sold – the MoD has a target of 800 houses. It appears the Reserve Centres, notably HMS Sherwood will remain and that would seem a very good place for the various memorials on the site to be placed in perpetuity.

Broxtowe Borough Council has a plan for how the land should be sold and its overall development, which in my view, must include a substantial amount of land freely open to all residents to enjoy. Broxtowe is keen to play a significant and important role in making sure the right infrastructure is in place and that the emerging neighbourhood forum develop a plan for the area. I am delighted that last week’s meeting attracted well over 30 people who want to play a part in the neighbourhood forum.

We will now formally write to the Ministry of Defence detailing how we want the land to be disposed of and the local controls we want to establish. I will publish that letter once it has been finalised.

Military WivesThe Chilwell Military Wives Choir entertained us at last weekend’s Royal Engineers Association get together. My thanks to everyone at the Barracks for a lovely evening.

EU campaigning suspended

Following the murder of Jo Cox both sides in the EU Referendum have stopped campaigning.

EU MeetingI held a public debate a week last Thursday where it was standing room only.

My thanks to BBC former editor John Hess who chaired the event and speakers Robert Buckland MP and Kate Godfrey for Stronger In and from Leave – Douglas Carswell MP and Nigel Baxter.   Over 300 people took part in my debate on whether we should remain in or leave the EU. There were some  excellent contributions and questions from the floor and my thanks to everyone who came along.

I m In I am proudly working with all parties on the Stronger In campaign. Gedling MP Vernon Coker (Labour), Kat Boettge from the Green Party, Lib Dems and I were out campaigning in Nottingham recently and last weekend Stronger In was in Beeston. We will not be campaigning this weekend following the murder of Jo Cox.

Hemlock Happening

Stapleford FCThe Hemlock Happening is a great annual event I am honoured to help open. It was good to catch up with a number of community groups and in particular Stapleford Town Football Club which goes from strength to strength. It was also good to catch up with our Mayor, Graham Harvey.

Safe Cycling

Safe cycling campaign continues to get results

Highways and NET continue to make cyclists safer on the tram route through Chilwell and Beeston. More warning signs have recently gone up and there will now be a ‘de-cluttering’ along High/Chilwell Road.

Women and the vote

Women MPsI think we sometimes need reminding that we have yet to celebrate 100 years of universal suffrage – the right of all to adults to vote. On June 8 I was one of the women MP’s who gathered in the House of Commons, to mark the 150th anniversary of a petition to Parliament that began the campaign for women to gain the vote.

 As Ever, Anna

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11 Responses to News from Rt. Hon. Anna Soubry MP – 18 June 2016

  1. Adrian Hirst says:

    May be useful to check on Lower Road & Fletcher is if the Front Gardens re-allocated for Parking have been correctly re-surfaced with porous materials that are fully compliant with recent changes to Building Regulations to help minimise the risk of flash floods.

  2. Howard Shakespeare says:

    Democracy from the Mother of Parliaments, Westminster. Sovereignty, liberty and freedom.
    Or, rule by decree from antidemocratic, unelected bureaucrats, in another country.

    On Thursday, a remain vote is not a vote for the status quo, even though that is bad enough. The EU will continue to become more dictatorial, centralised and unaccountable.

    We have a chance to take back that which was given away, without our approval, by John Major and Tony Blair.
    The Maastricht and Lisbon treaties, handed great swathes of our democratic system, to people who have never been elected, and have no loyalty to the United Kingdom.

    Time to say goodbye to the 27 nations of the EU, and embrace the 166 other nation of the globe.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Most times Howard I completely disagree with your comments on Bramcote today. However I am in complete agreement with you on this occasion. One thing that seems to be omitted from all the arguments is that Camerons ‘re-negotiation’ results and agreements have yet to be ratified by the Commission, the Council and the Parliament (in order of importance). If Britain votes to remain I suspect that Camerons hard won concessions will disappear quite rapidly and quietly, after all, our PM wants us to remain IN.

      • Howard Shakespeare says:

        Thank you Ian. I’m also pleased that we are in agreement on this matter.
        The refreshing point about the referendum, is that the question of the EU has crossed party lines. All parties are split, except UKIP obviously. Even the SNP, have a large percentage of supporters who are in favour of leave. It is interesting to read their comments on Facebook.
        The question of the EU is not one of Capitalism or Socialism. Its about Democracy and Dictatorship.
        The EU will become increasingly Orwellian until it collapses. We must ensure our nation is as far away from that as possible.
        Brexit can be the catalyst to bring referenda, and liberty, to other nations in the remaining EU.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        You know Howard, whether we remain in or decide to depart the EU this campaign has opened up a whole new arena in political discussion. Lets hope that people will continue discussing matters of national importance and, more importantly, that politicians will take notice. Also hopefully important National decisions like this really should be decided by us, the people of Britain. More referenda like Switzerland has.

    • Joan Wade says:

      Civil Servants (or bureaucrats as Howard calls them) the world over are unelected. The people we elect are the politicians. This rhetoric that the EU is somehow antidemocratic or a dictatorship is just the type of rhetoric that is adding heat rather than light to the current debate about our membership of the EU.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        The Five Presidents at the top of the EU gravy train Joan, are neither elected nor are they Civil Servants. However they do dictate policy, organisation and rules as you well know, so how would you describe them if not dictators?

      • Joan Wade says:

        Well Ian if you are right and they are dictators then we can’t really be having a referendum can we? Dictators would never allow such to happen. You might see rhetoric about dictators taking our country away from us as a bit of harmless fun but clearly there are individuals out there who think such statements are for real and are prepared to act on such. Let us keep the language at a reasonable tone please.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        Joan, at the moment the 5 presidents are unable to prevent any country from holding referenda or elections. I don’t know if you are aware that they have a report (as they call it) which was referred to on the Great Debate, that they are not going to publish until after today. If anything in it is going to benefit Britain don’t you think that it would have been leaked?
        I asked you what you would call them if not Dictators. I notice that you didn’t answer that question.

  3. Steve Carr says:

    It is not often I disagree with everything someone has said, but Mr Shakespeare, I disagree with everything you have said!

  4. Barry Morrison says:

    Quite nicely put Howard and I’d like to see it happen but in all honesty I think the Remain camp will win..I said weeks ago that this would be a farce, well it’s now descended into a circus with both sides grossly over exagerrating and seemingly pulling misleading figures and scare tactics out of thin air..And what reviles me most is the way some prominent people have jumped on the tragic event of last week with the murder of Jo Cox.. For God’s sake let the poor girl rest in peace and let her family grieve in their own way. I know what it’s like to lose a child and I know how Jo’s parents and family must feel..This tragic and senseless event has put everything else into perspective,

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