Windows 10 – Microsoft attempt to take over…. !!!!

I was until a few minutes ago happy that ‘Windows 10’ was worth getting acquainted with after installing it on my computer.   I now find that my ‘Favourites’ have disappeared from my version of Internet Explorer.  The help assistant ‘Cortina’ who ever he or she is, is not much help.  Seems I have just got to do a lot of work restoring my favorites.  I had many groups of them.   If you are forced to install ‘Windows 10’ please beware.

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5 Responses to Windows 10 – Microsoft attempt to take over…. !!!!

  1. Councillor Richard MacRae says:

    Internet Explorer 11

    Applies to Windows 10

    In Internet Explorer, right-click any empty space in the area above the address bar.

    Select Favourites bar.

  2. Sue Sambells says:

    Mike, I fairly recently upgraded. From recollection, my Google Chrome remained the same. Maybe it depends which browser you use.

  3. Fred R says:

    Cris de coeur about the enforced ‘upgrade’ to Windows 10 are all over the media and the Net. Although it’s too late for you, other users can set Windows Update to get user approval to install updates, including Win10. Go to Control Panel >> Windows updates >> Change Settings, then under “Important Updates” choose “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them”, then press Ok. The recommended default is for Windows to automatically install updates, but that way you cede complete control of your machine to Windows which is not a good idea.

    Another option is to install the Ubuntu Linux system alongside Windows. Ubuntu is easily as user-friendly as Windows, with a graphical interface, is far more secure, and is free on account of being Open Source. You can install it alongsite Windows, so that you get a system choice on bootup. Go to to learn more.

  4. Howard Shakespeare says:

    Let’s face it, Windows is a 25 year old system. There may have been numerous changes since Windows 3.1, but it is basically a quarter of a century old.
    Microsoft state that Windows 10 is the last. Perhaps a brand new 21st century system is in development. Let’s hope so, as Windows is a nightmare.

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