News from Nick Palmer: Labour in Europe Meeting / Making Sure You’re Registered!

Nick Palmer writes: With arguably the most important decision of our generation coming up, I’m pleased to have been invited to speak at a meeting of Labour’s campaign to stay in the EU. This will be on Thursday June 9, at 7.15pm, at the West Bridgford Methodist Church, on the corner of Patrick Road and Musters Road. There are two other speakers, Lilian Greenwood, who is MP for Nottingham South and Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, and Alan Rhodes, Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council. I’m speaking as a former member of the House of Commons European Scrutiny Select Committee, which specialises in examining all European Union proposals.

This isn’t intended to be a boring meeting with lengthy harangues, but a friendly discussion meeting where we put the case for staying in and respond to questions from the audience. It doesn’t matter whether you agree, disagree or simply aren’t yet quite sure how to vote – we hope to have a constructive discussion (unlike some of the vitriol being thrown around at national level). If you need any more details, the organiser is

However you plan to vote, please note that there are only a few days left to make sure you’re registered – and that applies particularly to anyone (e.g. students) who may be away on the day. You are entitled to register wherever you have a residence (thus students can register both at home and at uni), though of course you can only vote in the same referendum in one place. If you’ve not yet had a polling card, you are probably NOT registered yet – this is because the rules have been massively tightened up and everyone has to register individually. It is REALLY easy to register online. Look up your National Insurance number, and go to this website:

It will take you less than 5 minutes – and however you decide to vote, you ought to have a chance to take part in this seminal decision.

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One Response to News from Nick Palmer: Labour in Europe Meeting / Making Sure You’re Registered!

  1. Howard Shakespeare says:

    The European Union is not Democratic. Members of the European Parliament are nothing more than paper politicians.
    Laws, rules and policy are made by 28 unelected councilors and an army of eurocrats.
    The very fact that Angela Merkel has seized control and become de facto head of the EU should set alarm bells ringing all over the continent.
    Those who vote ‘remain’ on June 23rd are not voting for the status quo. The EU will become increasingly centralised, antidemocratic, dictatorial and Orwellian.
    The only safe course is to sever our ties and set our nation free by voting Leave.

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