Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum and Area: Broxtowe Borough Council Consultation Begins‏

Following on from public meetings hosted by the Bramcote Hills Community Association and the Bramcote Conservation Society the inaugural AGM of the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum was held on 3 May after the whole of Bramcote Ward was leafleted with details of this meeting.

The Forum has applied to Broxtowe Borough Council to for Bramcote Ward to be designated a Neighbourhood Area and the forum to be recognised as the qualifying body to take forward the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan for Bramcote.

Broxtowe Borough Council have announced a statutory six week consultation period about both requests. The consultation will run from 30 May to 11 July 2016. Once the consultation is open I will post a link to the website. You will also see notices appearing around Bramcote over the next few days and I will be giving a brief update at the Bramcote CAT meeting on 6 June (with the kind permission of the CAT meeting Chair, Cllr John Doddy).

I would encourage all those living in, working in or being elected representatives of Bramcote to consider responding to the consultation, ideally supporting the application, becoming members of the forum and ideally getting involved in the various activities the forum is holding or involved in over the coming weeks and months.

The forum already has 113 members and a steering group. It is setting up a website and other social media accounts as well as an online system for joining.

We have worked hard to get us to this stage so quickly and I would like to publically acknowledge the help and support of Broxtowe’s planning officers. We are their first neighbourhood forum (all previous neighbourhood plan requests have been from Town or Parish Councils) and we have been learning well together.

Once again I hope you will support the applications and get involved in shaping Bramcote’s tomorrow.

Paul Nathanail
Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum

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One Response to Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum and Area: Broxtowe Borough Council Consultation Begins‏

  1. The Broxtowe BC consultation on the neighbourhood area and body is at:

    You can respond by filing in the online form at:

    There is also a form that can be printed out if you prefer to respond that way:

    Finally, any Bramcote resident who would like to joint the forum can do so online at:

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