Neighbourhood Planning in Bramcote

Bramcote Poster AVCORRECTED_001

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3 Responses to Neighbourhood Planning in Bramcote

  1. Peter Chatfield says:

    Living in Bramcote (to the west of Ilkeston Road) I had no notice of a new Ne4ighbourhead Area and Forum although the previous entry on Bramcote Today says a notice was delivered to ALL households in Bramcote. Does this I wonder have anything to do with County Council constituency changes which join us to Stapleford and even more surprising to Trowell and Awsworth. As a supporter of the Bramcote CATS meetings, I wonder where this leaves us

    • Paul Nathanail says:

      Peter – all residents of Bramcote Ward (see map) are very welcome to join the forum or get involved in shaping the neighbourhood plan. The part of Bramcote you describe is in the area – as the map above shows.

      Hope to see you at one of the upcoming events.

  2. Steve Austin says:

    Hi Peter. I personally delivered fliers about the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum inaugural AGM to all households in Bramcote Ward (Borough Council Ward) north of Derby Road and west of Ilkeston Road. If you would like to tell me privately your address at the next CAT Meeting (Monday 6 June), I’ll confirm I delivered a leaflet to you.
    The Neighbourhood Forum Meeting was also publicised on Bramcote Today and its Facebook and Twitter pages.
    Finally CAT Meetings are held by our Broxtowe Borough Councillors. Bramcote Borough Ward is unchanged. Whether or not the CAT Meetings continue is up to Councillors Doddy, Gould and Plackett.
    Steve Austin

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