Rt. Hon. Anna Soubry – How are you voting in EU Referendum?

Anna Soubry MPUnion - EU FlagsGet the facts, hear the arguments and join in Broxtowe’s EU debate on 2 June

Hello again,

I have organised a debate on whether we should stay in or leave the EU.

Douglas Carswell MP (UKIP) will be leading the Brexit charge with my colleague and Solicitor General, Robert Buckland MP making the case for Stonger In. 

The debate is next Thursday June 2nd at the Pearson Centre, Nuart Road in Beeston from 6pm until 8pm. Kate Godfrey who is an organiser for Stronger In and Nottingham businessman Nigel Baxter from Leave are the two other guest speakers. I am very pleased that John Hess, BBC East Midlands former political editor has agreed to chair the event. This will be a debate – with contributions from the audience as I am very keen you give your views and ask questions to the various speakers.

The debate is open to everyone of all political persuasions and none! Please come along and invite your family, friends and neighbours. I hope to see you next Thursday June 2nd at the Pearson Centre in Beeston.

INWant to get involved?

In the run up to the Referendum on Thursday June 23 I will involved in a number of Stronger In events in and around Broxtowe. If, like me, you believe we are stronger, safer and better off in Europe, then please contact me and join the Stronger In campaign. Join Stronger In >>

Have a good Bank Holiday weekend, As ever, Anna

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3 Responses to Rt. Hon. Anna Soubry – How are you voting in EU Referendum?

  1. Howard Shakespeare says:

    The EU will continue to become more centralised and totalitarian. If we fail to take this opportunity to leave, I am 100% certain that we will live to regret it.
    Minor short term disruption, weighed against a loss of sovereignty, democracy and liberty is a price worth paying. There is a transitional period of at least two years after the invocation of Article 50TEU. This will ensure a smooth transfer from the EU’s rule by decree, to national sovereignty. ‘Project Fear’ fails to mention this point.
    I am one of the majority of Conservative voters who back Boris Johnson and Michael Gove for Brexit.

  2. Barry Morrison says:

    If you want to be part of an undemocratic, one party, one state Federal Republic of Europe where you cannot elect or remove the unelected EU Commission who are running the shambles then vote remain..If however, you want to be part of a democratic system where you can remove elected and bad governments, then vote to leave….Somple

  3. Barry Morrison says:

    About six weeks ago I commented that this referendum would would be a farce and so far I’ve been proved correct..David Cameron now threatens us with anything from a swarm of locusts, the black plague, pestilence or even world war three if we leave the EU..Boy George Osborne who can’t even get his yearly budget forecasts correct suddenly finds that all families will be worse off by £4,300 per annum by 2030..Jeremy Corbin who has stood for anything anti EU suddenly decides that continued EU membership is the best thing since sliced bread..Then we have Tim Farron, probably the most boring politician(if that’s what you can call him)I’ve ever heard..Well, that’s enough about Farron. .

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