trentbarton Fare Changes from 22 May

tb-logotrentbarton write:

We’ll be making some changes to our fares from 22 May on the following buses:

• 1A
• 20
• the 21
• cotgrave connection
• eighteen
• i4
• indigo
• keyworth connection
• my15
• rainbow one
• rapid one
• rushcliffe mainline
• rushcliffe villager
• skylink express
• skylink nottingham

Single fares will increase by 10p, whilst 2-trip tickets will increase by around 20p.

We’ve frozen cash fares since 2014 but during this time our costs have continued to grow. These latest fare changes will enable us to continue to invest in vehicles and features, making sure we remain the really good bus company.

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Source: trentbarton travel alert.

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2 Responses to trentbarton Fare Changes from 22 May

  1. Adrian Hirst says:

    I think the fundamental issue in Beeston is too many empty seats on the principal public transport corridors and too few feeder services to encourage more motorists to leave the car at home and broaden the revenue base for all public transport operators. This seems, in my view, to be a far more viable option for keeping fares affordable whilst at the same time funding modern vehicles and decent wages for the staff.

    In simple terms we still have the 36/Y36 and Indigo/Y5 following each other around for much of their route like tweedle dum and tweedle dee. The tram also needs to be factored into this scenario but is probably too contentious to summarise in a few sentences.

    A similar situation applies with too many Smartcards. Mango even seems to have two guises, Bus and Tram, with no multi use discount for joint bus an tram travel for example from Long Eaton to NG2. The latest Robin Hood doesn’t seem much better from the Interchange perspective with no options for travel to Stapleford or Long Eaton etc. Looking wider afield the fact that the Robin Hood Card isn’t even valid on The Robin Hood Line just about sums up the arguments for scrapping the lot and switching to a single Oyster type Bus, Tram & Railcard.

    Important also to emphasis the positives. Generally our public transport services are better than most and Trent Barton have always been at the forefront of Innovation and Customer Service.

  2. Sue Sambells says:

    I agree with Adrian. I regularly see the I4 (sometimes two at a time) and Y4 – all following each other, mostly empty. I don’t understand why the bus companies don’t offer half price off peak travel? Simple supply and demand. Putting up the fares penalises those who support public transport and doesn’t encourage those who don’t.

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