Grass Verge Cutting in Bramcote

Councillor Martin Plackett requested information from Broxtowe Borough Council’s Environment team on when the next grass verge cut will take place:

Dear Cllr Plackett

The next cut for the highway verges will commence next week ( W.C. 23/5/16)

As you are aware the verges are now experiencing their peak growing season – dandelions have flowered and will over the next 4/6 weeks continue to grow rapidly – warm weather and water.

The cutting regime will manage this peak and it is inevitable given restricted resources that the verges will look ragged for a short period.


Paul Summers

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One Response to Grass Verge Cutting in Bramcote

  1. Steve Carr says:

    There is a set timetable attached. This is available on Broxtowe’s Website. Just type in grass cutting into the search. It will also tell you the timetable for weed treatment.

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