More Comments from Rt. Hon. Anna Soubry MP

Fly Tipping TotonAnna Soubry MP

Fly tipping outrage     Hello again,  A considerable amount of waste has been illegally dumped at Toton Sidings. I contacted Broxtowe Borough Council and as a result contractors will be removing the waste and securing two sets of gates in the next few weeks. Given the scale of this fly tipping (this photo is just a part of the waste) I am also contacting the police.

There’s lots to report in this newsletter as it’s been a busy few weeks so please read on.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,  As ever,   Anna 

EM AEast Midlands Ambulance concerns  Regular readers will know that I have complained in the past about failings in East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS). Response times improved but this week a Care Quality Commission report found the safety level of our ambulance service is inadequate and services and leadership need improving. On a better note the responsive and care side of EMAS is good. The CQC puts the problem down to a lack of staff and vehicles; 300 more staff have been hired and 68 more ambulances are due this year. Nevertheless, this is a concerning report and I will be meeting them once an internal review is completed.

Meanwhile, I am supporting an Attenborough resident who is campaigning to get full access for emergency vehicles in the village. If the railway crossing gates cannot open there is no guarantee ambulances can attend emergencies on the other side. This important matter needs resolving so I am contacting both EMAS and Network Rail.

Beeston Square Post Office – have your say    The Post Office is holding a ‘Customer Forum’ on Monday May 23 from 4pm until 7pm at the Victory Club on Station Road to discuss the proposal to relocate the Post Office into WHSmiths. I urge people to attend, get the facts and make their views known. I am concerned about the effect the move will have on Beeston’s other Post Office – quite literally up the road from WHSmiths. I have met the postmaster and will be writing to the Post Office as a result.

Congratulations to our new Mayors  Chilwell Councillor Graham Harvey is our new Mayor of Broxtowe and Toton’s Halimah Khaled is our Deputy. I am delighted for them both. Last night I went to Stapleford Town Council’s annual meeting where Sue Roome was elected Mayor and Chris Rice her deputy. Huge congratulations to them all.

Mayor of Broxtowe Graham Harvey & Family

Mayor of Broxtowe Graham Harvey & Family

Deputy Mayor of Broxtowe Halimah Khaled & husband

Deputy Mayor of Broxtowe Halimah Khaled & husband

Stapleford Deputy Mayor Chris Rice and Stapleford Mayor Sue Roome

Stapleford Deputy Mayor Chris Rice and Stapleford Mayor Sue Roome








At Stapleford's Town team meeting in the Horse and Jockey

At Stapleford’s Town team meeting in the Horse and Jockey

Stapleford – time to get a grip!   Last nights meeting with the Stapleford Town team – a great group of local businesses working together to improve the town, revealed some serious problems that need to be gripped by the town’s Councillors. The Town Team has a truck load of ideas to make Stapleford even better but suffers from a lack of funding.

An application to the Town Council for £4,000 of hanging baskets was turned down. Meanwhile, the Town Council operates out of the lovely and large Carnegie Hall (which it owns) but which has limited public access. Carnegie is worth a lot of money and costs tens of thousands a year to run.

I appreciate this is controversial but I strongly believe it is in Stapleford’s interests for the Town Council to consider realising its assets, reducing its running costs and relocating into the heart of the town. Stapleford is a wonderful place with some excellent Councillors and community leaders but the Town Council needs to work together with everyone and make sure council tax payers money is well spent on improving the town centre and community. I am sure they can do it and I will help them in any way I can.

In that spirit and at the reuest of the Town team, I have agreed to contact Broxtowe Borough Council and ask them to get on with helping install free wi-fi in Stapleford. I have also agreed to write to Costa Coffee and Pizza Express about opening in the town. These national chains will compliment Stapleford’s existing excellent independent cafes, restaurants and pubs.

OrphanOperation Orphan visit     Calling all volunteers! Can you help the Attenborough based charity Operation Orphan? This excellent charity provides direct support to orphaned children throughout the world and needs volunteers to help sort clothes and toys. I paid them a visit yesterday and pledged to help them find more storage. If you can help in anyway please contact them on the link below or email me.   Support Operation Orphan here >>

Rugby and great food – the perfect team    Beeston’s outstanding Hallams is sponsoring the Rylands based Nottingham Casuals Rugby Club. The club has proud links with businesses in the town – Charlie Foggs for example, sponsored the end of season trophies. The season is over but training continues through til next September with details below.   More info on Nottingham Casuals Rugby >>

EU FlagsEU debate – UKIP’s Douglas Carswell says yes!    Our Big EU debate, chaired by John Hess the former BBC East Midlands political editor, has secured Douglas Carswell MP from UKIP as one of the Leave speakers. My friend and colleague Robert Buckland MP who is the Solicitor General will be on the Stronger In side. The debate will be held on Thursday June 2nd at the Pearson Centre in Beeston from 6pm til 8pm. Everyone is welcome and more speakers will be announced soon.

Anna & TonyPolice and Crime Commissioner election    Congratulations to Paddy Tipping on being re-elected as our Police and Crime Commissioner. The turnout was almost 22% which was well up on the last and first election. Our own Tony Harper did extremely well in doubling the Conservative vote and taking us into second place. The local result was for the whole Borough (so it includes Eastwood) and was the second best for the Conservatives in the whole county. So huge congrats to Tony too.

It was hardly a secret! The photo I tweeted out of the Tory battle bus that came to Broxtowe a week before the General Election.

It was hardly a secret! The photo I tweeted out of the Tory battle bus that came to Broxtowe a week before the General Election.

My election expenses    A week before last years General Election a ‘battle bus’ of Conservative volunteers came to Broxtowe. All the political parties use battle buses – it’s nothing new. And it’s always been the case that the cost is paid for by the national party as it is part of the party’s national campaign. The Conservative Party made it very clear to me and my agent, Cllr Richard Jackson, that the cost of the Battle Bus trip to Broxtowe was part of the national expenses and did not form part of my local expenses. Richard and I accepted their advice and agreed with it. 

Unfortunately, when the Conservative Party filed its national expenses there was a ‘cock up’ and the total national cost of the a battle bus volunteers overnight accommodation was not included. The party has apologised to the Electoral Commission and submitted that expense. I should add the Conservative Party underspent by about £3 million.

The Electoral Commission who haven’t contacted Richard or me, have contacted Nottinghamshire Police and have asked them to enquire into my expenses. Richard and I have nothing to hide and believe we have done nothing wrong. In the spirit of full cooperation and honesty I have sent the email with the advice from the Conservative Party to the police, made sure Broxtowe Borough Council has kept my expenses and asked the Chief Executive to share them with the police. So far the police have not contacted Richard or me. 

We expect the police to apply for an extension in time to enable them to complete their enquiries and we will not be opposing that application, because as I say we have nothing to hide. 

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that political opponents have not hesitated to use this matter against me and there has been considerable abuse and unpleasantness. I am sorry to say that appears to be a feature of modern political life. 

It is not pleasant to have your reputation trashed and be under a cloud of suspicion. 

Whatever your views of our politics I hope you are assured that Richard and I believe we have done nothing wrong. 

I can also assure you that I am not letting this matter interfere with my work for you as your MP.




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6 Responses to More Comments from Rt. Hon. Anna Soubry MP

  1. Howard Shakespeare says:

    The question of a possible minor expense error, due to the use of a bus, is clearly ‘Much ado about nothing’.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      How much is involved as I haven’t seen this stated anywhere.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      £1152 overspend Howard, hardly a ‘minor’ error. It’s not just a bus fare either, more like several hotel bills. Kick all the miscreants out and get them dealt with as the law demands, and whilst they’re at it lets have ALL those who cheated on their parliamentary expenses brought to book exactly as we mere mortals would be treated.

  2. Ian Blakeley says:

    “Carnegie is worth a lot of money and costs tens of thousands a year to run.” ‘Worth a lot of money’:- What Anna is actually saying is, that in accordance to true Tory principles (ala Thatcher) the place should be sold to a private developer in order for said developer to make enormous profits out of whatever the place is turned into. ‘Costs tens of thousands a year to run’:- I’ve just looked at the web page and that tells me that the Centre (NOT Hall Anna) is very well used, a lot of the use being by the Council. Where would all the departments that use the place go to. Obviously they would be privatised and the money saved, if any, would disappear into Council coffers, the services rendered would be less efficient as there would be less staff on lower wages doing a heavier workload in order for the private enterprise to make a profit. Finally those organisations not council run would be left with nowhere to go as the hall would be no more.

  3. Stapleford – time to get a grip!

    As a Stapleford Town Councillor and member of the Stapleford Town Team I have to say I agree with our MP and what she says about the Town Council.

    I would like to mention that Councillor John McGrath was absolutely disgusted with the issue of the Hanging Baskets and walked out of the meeting in the end. I voted against the plans to no longer support the Hanging Baskets as I feel they are an asset to the High Street.

    When people mention Stapleford Town Council it’s not ALL of us its only certain Councillors on the Town Council. The Town Clerk has a habit of doing this too.

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