Nottinghamshire PCC Election Results

Copied from the Nottingham Post Web Site.   Where you will find more information.

Votes at the first stage count:

  • Tony Bates, independent, 14,579
  • Tony Harper, Conservative, 48,155
  • Fran Loi, UKIP, 20,030
  • Paddy Tipping, Labour, 80,926
  • Jason Zadrozny, independent, 7,164

Votes in the second stage count:

  • Tony Harper, Conservative, 7,950
  • Paddy Tipping, Labour, 8,823

Total votes following the second stage count:

  • Tony Harper, Conservative, 56,105
  • Paddy Tipping, Labour, 89,749

The overall turnout for the election was 21.8 percent. The total number of verified ballot papers was 173,918.


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2 Responses to Nottinghamshire PCC Election Results

  1. Joan Wade says:

    A vote very much in line with predictions – certainly what I predicted. It is good to see the independents put in a reasonable showing. I was disgusted at the way malcontents disrupted some of the husting meetings – one of the chief gripes apparently being that the police and councils work together in seeking to reduce crime and disorder. These people need to realise that the public are not fools and that their tactics do not gain votes or support.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      In truth Joan, every candidate for this non political position should be an Independent. It’s such a shame that the political machine has got its nasty little claws into it.

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