Are Nottingham City Council in Breach of Purdah?

Press Release From UKIP PCC Candidate for Nottinghamshire; Fran Loi

According the Nottingham City Council, being in the EU can only be good. Not learning from the unpopular mistake the Government made by spending nearly £10 million on those booklets to every household on why we should stay in, they have on their website propaganda as to why Nottingham benefits from the EU.

I am the only Police & Crime Commissioner candidate campaigning to leave the EU. It is important we control who comes in to this country and have the ability to turn away risks, from those who have serious criminal records and are linked to organised crime.  Human trafficking, Serious Organised Crime and crimes committed by foreign nationals are all on the increase according to Notts Police. 

To be a serious PCC, candidates should campaign to reduce crime and increase security, all those not campaigning to leave the EU and regain border controls are not serious about reducing crime.

I question the City Council’s method of deducing how much we get from the EU in Nottingham.  They say we received £263 Million since the year 2000, that is an average of £45K per day.

I can also do maths on the back of an envelope: The people within the city boundaries currently pay £270k per day to the EU. (£55m divided by the population of circa 64 million, times number of residents in the boundary, circa 315,000).

That’s £270k everyday that could be spent on inner city schools, social care, helping the elderly, pot-holes and not forgetting, more visible policing.

By publicly backing to stay in the EU, when another candidate is backing to stay in, it could be construed that the council is favouring one candidate over the other, therefore breaking not being impartial.  In addition Purdah rules are being broken in relation to the EU referendum, in which a local authority cannot try to influence the vote.

Nottingham City Council are breaching Purdah rules for the EU Referendum, with this pro EU website:

Nottinghamshire UKIP MEP Margot Parker said: “Local authorities are not there to tell people how to vote – this is clearly not good for democracy.

“They are not dealing in hard figures which can be substantiated – they are offering opinions and as a local authority this cannot be right. The British people had enough of that last week with President Barack Obama!”

Fran Loi, UKIP Police & Crime Commissioner Candidate For Nottinghamshire, UKIP Nottinghamshire County Chairman

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13 Responses to Are Nottingham City Council in Breach of Purdah?

  1. Dr Allan Dodds says:

    “Not learning from the unpopular mistake the Government made by spending nearly £10 million on those booklets to every household on why we should stay in, they have on their website propaganda as to why Nottingham benefits from the EU.”

    Question 1. How is this an ‘unpopular mistake’?
    Question 2. How are facts now considered to be ‘propaganda’?
    Question 3. How is the concept of ‘purdah’ relevant to 21st century practices in the UK?
    Question 4. Why should I give you my vote when your post insults my intelligence?

    • Fran Loi says:

      1) As nationally reported across the media, social media and the sheer number of the booklets sent return to sender.
      2) It was one-sided with no sources and easily disputed and the aim was to achieve a political outcome via means of misinformation.
      3) Take that up with the law makers of the land, it’s current law.
      4) You shouldn’t.

  2. Nick Palmer says:

    In short, no. Quite apart from anything else, purdah for the referendum only starts on May 27, see . It’s odd that a candidate for PCC isn’t aware of the law.
    As for the facts of the matter, we are getting advice from all sides on the referendum. It’s curious that the candidate feels that local councils should be silent.

  3. Joan Wade says:

    The answer to the question is No. Fram and Brancote Today should familiarise themselves with the rules which can be found at the briefing linked below. The key point to note is that period of purdah has not started – see dates.

  4. Steve Carr says:

    I hope the sensible and liberal-minded residents of Bramcote treat this with the contempt it deserves.

  5. Fred R says:

    Ah, yes, the same old same old foreigners committing crimes shtick, one I, as a second-generation Irishman, remember oh so very well from the 70s and 80s, when us Micks were the root of all criminality. A brief reading of history shows that this prejudice goes back to the 19th Century (from when the word “hooligan” comes), and has been applied to many other incomer communities (Jews, Pakistanis, Ugandan Asians, West Indians, even the Huguenots if you go back a few centuries). It’s a prejudice with a long and inglorious history in Britain. As a result, I take this kind of xenophobia very, very personally indeed, as any kipper who knocks on my door will find out in a frank exchange of views.

    Whilst I do not welcome UKIP press releases on this site (what are the site’s guidelines on publishing political statements?), I do welcome knowing who the barking kipper candidate for this post is, so that I can make a point of voting for a rational candidate. I’d not really taken a lot of notice of this election up until now, but for sure I’ll be at the voting station next week to vote anti-kipper.

    • Dave King says:

      In favour of poor electoral practice are we? I would suggest putting forward opinions by the council is poor practice even if not in breach of the rules which it obviously is, but this is normal parliamentry practice these days it seems.
      I shall not be supporting either of the Labour candidates any more.

  6. Barry Morrison says:

    After 45 years of lying and scaremongering we’ve still got 7 weeks of lying scaremongering to come.

    • Graham Taylor says:

      What you actually meant is that after 45 years , people must come to terms of living in the world as it is today. We no longer have an Empire. Dad’s Army philosophy is no longer current

      If we leave the EU we will become an isolated little island. It will see us being viewed as irrelevant. We will be treated with contempt by the rest of the world (and rightly so).

      Brexit appear to want to blame Johnny foreigner for all our ills.

      If you are a member of a club you cannot hope to change the rules by resigning can you??

      The Brexit theme song should be “Stop the World I want to get off” .Life in 2016 is not like that!

      • Barry Morrison says:

        No. What I mean is that after 45 years we’re still being damn well lied to and if you want to believe all the gumph that’s being spewed out by Remain camp then that’s your prerogative but don’t come crying to me in about 15 years when TTIP is well into operation and we’re being royally stuffed…No, we no longer have an Empire…No, I don’t blame Johnny foreigner….No, I’m not a little Englander..Just someone who’s peed off with being treated like a kid and having my intelligence insulted by liars for nearly half a century. Then watching that clown Cameron waltzing all over Europe promising to come back with treaty changes and everything else and making a complete idiot of himself and coming with not much worth anything…Remember,,,you can fool some of the people all the time etc etc etc.

  7. Graham Taylor says:

    It must now be obvious to all (and it is to the Bookmakers !!) that leaving the EU is not a viable financial option. Glad to see that Broxtowe BC are rightly supporting Remain.

  8. Barry Morrison says:

    If only you knew wht’s happened since 1973 and what the EU has in store for the future if voters decide to stay in the EU

  9. Richard Dinsdale says:

    Is there a potential conflict of interests for a PCC candidate to be campaigning on a politically contentious issue? For instance, would he show any bias if there was a demonstration either for or against the issue he is so passionate about?

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