News From Anna Soubry MP 25 March 2016

Anna Soubry MPAnna Soubry writes: I make limited apologies for what is a rather long and wordy email newsletter but there is some important news about Chetwynd Barracks.

In the next few months I will be devoting a lot of my time to campaigning for our continued membership of the European Union. I have always supported our staying in a reformed EU and make no secret of my concern that the Stronger In campaign has much to do to win the argument and persuade people to vote to remain!

Constituency work will always take priority and I am grateful to the support from my excellent constituency team, but I will be devoting my spare time to making the case that we are stronger, safer and better off in the EU. Please let me know if you would like to join the campaign.

In the meantime there is lots of news and an extensive diary so please read on and enjoy the Easter break!

As ever,


Chetwynd Barracks Set to Close

ZZ1I am very sad to learn that Chetwynd Barracks (Chilwell depot) is earmarked for closure. The Army has stationed regiments and in more recent years brigades, at Chetwynd. Thousands of soldiers, notably Royal Engineers and their families have called it home. As the local MP it has been a great honour and pleasure to forge new links with all those servicemen and women and civilian staff based at the Barracks.

As a community we have mourned and remembered those killed or injured in wars and campaigns notably in Iraq and Afghanistan; we have welcomed our soldiers home with pride and respect in parades through our towns; we have marvelled at their skill and courage in all their work and we have striven to support their families and loved ones. We thank everyone stationed at Chetwynd for hugely enhancing our community. We will miss you.

The plan by the Ministry of Defence is to close Chetwynd by 2020 and sell the land for housing. As you may well know I have been campaigning for many years now to save our Green Belt from housing development. Quite literally up the road from the Barracks is a large Green Belt site by Toton Sidings. Regular readers will know that with no real alternative available, Broxtowe Borough Council has recently granted outline planning permission on the land for up to 500 houses and a business park to take advantage of HS2.

Our Council is now run by the Conservatives who inherited a very poor local plan or Core Strategy from the previous Labour/Lib Dem coalition who controlled Broxtowe for many years. Their plan made Toton’s Green Belt a ‘preferred site’ for over 500 houses, in the face of considerable local opposition led my myself and local Councillors.

Despite our efforts to find alternative land from both Nottingham City and Erewash Councils the harsh reality was that Broxtowe had to stick to the previous administrations plans. The news late yesterday of the MoD’s plans to close the Barracks and sell off the land has one positive feature – it is a genuine alternative brownfield site to the Green Belt land in Toton. I am firmly of the view that this is not an additional site for some 700 plus homes but an alternative to 500 houses on our Green Belt with extra to satisfy our five year land supply.

I have already spoken to the leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, Richard Jackson and the Housing Minister, Brandon Lewis. After the Bank Holiday I will write to the Secretary of State, Greg Clark and publish my letter on my web site.

In short we need an urgent assessment of the impact of the closure of Chetwynd Barracks as part of a reassessment of the Core Strategy. I believe the MoD should sell existing spare land immediately to provide an alternative to the Green Belt land at the Sidings.

You can be assured I will continue to oppose hundreds of houses on the Green Belt, seeing the closure of the Barracks as an opportunity to save our Green Belt.

We now need people throughout Toton to come together to plan a sustainable future with quality development which includes good roads and improved services like more school places. Please let me know if you want to get involved.

We Must Commemorate Chetwynd Barracks Important History

ZZ2Over a hundred years ago all the land from what is now Bardills roundabout to Attenborough was a huge munitions store and factory. During the First World War, Chilwell was the National Shell Filling Factory making 19 million shells – more than half those used during the war. The overwhelming majority of workers were women who became known as the Canary Girls because the explosives turned their skin yellow.

In July 1918 a terrible explosion killed 134 people in the factory and a memorial at St Mary’s, Attenborough marks the mass grave of the many who died, unidentified.

Any future plans must include not only the memorials at the Barracks for those who lost their lives in armed service but also a commemoration of the importance of the Canary Girls. Women finally won the right to vote not only because of the great work of the Suffragette movement but also the hard work they endured during WW1 proving we are just as valuable and able as men!

Business breakfast

ZZ3I was delighted to be the guest at a business breakfast at SMS Beeston, organised by the East Midlands Chamber. We discussed a variety of issues that particularly concern small business and my thanks to everyone who attended.

School’s Out

ZZ4George Spencer Academy has been named by the ‘Good Teacher Training Guide’ as one of the Top 10 teacher trainer providers in the country and the second best primary teacher trainer nationally. I am delighted that George Spencer continues to demonstrate that it is at the forefront of education.

ZZ5The White Hills Park Federation have announced plans for Phase 1 of their new school building project. This involves vacating The Bramcote School site and relocating the students in the current Bramcote College buildings.

They have launched a public consultation which closes on May 1st. Any completed consultations should be returned to:

Take part in the consultation here >>

GP Surgeries Rated Outstanding

Three of our GP surgeries have been rated “outstanding” and I am confident that others will be similarly rated when the full results of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) survey are published. The Valley Surgery in Chilwell, Giltbrook Surgery and Church Walk in Eastwood (used by many constituents though it is outside the constituency) have all received the highest accolade. Saxon Cross in Stapleford and Newthorpe Medical Centre are deemed ‘good”. The Linden surgery in Stapleford “requires improvement”.

Beeston’s West End Surgery has been in difficulty for some time and I have been working with the CQC and the surgery after a number of constituents raised their concerns with me. The West End surgery has been placed in special measures by the CQC which means it will receive the support it needs.

I am working with the CQC to improve children’s mental health services. I have had many and various complaints about CAMHS in Nottinghamshire. I know that improvements are being made and a multi-million pound new facility with over 30 beds will be completed next year but we still have a long way to go to ensure children and young people with poor mental health receive the treatment and support they need. Improving mental health services is not simply about more money (there is record funding) but I note that in Nottinghamshire and Nottingham drug and alcohol treatment receives well over £16 million a year whilst chidren’s mental health services receives £6.5 million. I am not arguing that we spend less on drug and alcohol treatment but would suggest that if we put more resources into children’s mental health services there’s a good chance fewer would become addicted adults.

Cycling Campaign

ZZ6My thanks to everyone especially the Council officers, who are conducting a rigorous and so far effective review of the cycle route along High/Chilwell Road. This safety audit, as it is known, has already installed new signage and the route will soon be better marked and unnecessary signage removed. It will take a few more weeks for all the changes to be implemented but we are all confident this will make the route safer for cyclists and pedestrians. My thanks also to the Beeston Cycling Club who, with others, are going to help promote an important cycle safety campaign.

The BIG EU Debate! Are You Up For It?

ZZ7I am arranging a special debate for members of the Broxtowe Business Club on the EU. David Ralph, Chief Executive of D2N2 has agreed to chair the event. We are fixing speakers from the Stronger In and Leave campaigns. The debate will be held on Thursday 28 April in the Main Hall at Bramcote College. Please email me if you would like more details of the Club which is strictly non-party political.

I am also considering holding a public debate on the EU and would very much welcome your views on whether you think such an event would be popular. Just let me know on or reply to this email.

Central College Beeston and Stapleford Must Stay Open in Planned Merger

ZZ8I have taken part on the consultation about the planned merger between Central College and New College Nottingham. My only concern is that the College in Beeston and facilities at Stapleford remain open after the merger which is planned on August 1st.

St Helen’s Trowell Appeal

ZZ9I have given my backing to a challenging £200,000 appeal by St Helen’s Church in Trowell for a major ‘re-vamp’. The plans will provide better facilities to worshippers and the community at large. The appeal is well on its way and please let me know if you would like more details of how you can help..

Beeston Matters

Community champion, Allison Dobbs has called a public meeting for anyone with an interest in what are called ‘Houses of Multiple Occupancy’ or HMO’s. As Alilson says “We all want to live in a diverse community but we also want to live in an area we can be proud of”.

Nottingham City Council has a set of strict policies to make sure landlords and tenants work with local residents to strike the right balance. The meeting is next Thursday (March 31st) at John Clifford School on Nether Street, starting at 7pm. Please let me know if you need more details or want to join Alison’s campaign but can’t attend.

Beeston Station Parking

ZZ10The expansion to 30 places is very welcome and is a temporary measure until 60 places are created between now and next year. Meanwhile the former cement site is available for housing and parking. I will continue to campaign for major improvements at the station – notably lifts which be particularly welcomed by the disabled and people with pushchairs.

Barton Quarter Progressing Well

ZZ11Plans for hundreds of well designed homes on the Barton’s site have got the thumbs up from local residents. My office is in Barton House and I make no secret of being a firm supporter of the plans for a large piece of brownfield which the formidable owner Simon Barton, has been trying to ‘land’ for years!

View the plans here >>

Beeston Post Office

There is widespread agreement that the Post Office should delay plans to move the service into a local retailer and close down the site off the Square. I am more than happy to support the “pause’ to get a proper idea of how many people use the long established Post office which is bound to have been adversely affected by the tram works.

Kimberley Swimming Club

I am told by the leader of Broxtowe Borough Council Richard Jackson, that an agreement has been reached between the Borough Council and Kimberley Swimming Club which ensures the future of the club, excellent lessons for learners and value for Council tax payers. I hope Richard’s analysis is right and I am pleased to have played a small part in resolving the situation along with Kimberley’s excellent Councillors Mel Crow and Shane Easom

What’s on in Broxtowe

Saturday 26 March
Saturday mornings with Dig In – Stapleford
10am till 12 noon
Where: Albany Allotments, Pasture Road, Stapleford, NG9 8HZ.
What’s on: Full details here.

Easter Fun – Nuthall
Where: The Three Ponds, Nuthall.
What’s on: All bank holiday weekend events and attractions will include; Bouncy castle, a visit from the Easter Bunny (Sunday) and an Easter Quiz (Monday).

Beeston Wildlife Group – Walk
10am till 1pm
Where: Attenborough Nature reserve, NG9 6DY (meeting in the car park)
What’s on: Go along and join the Group for a free guided walk around the reserve.
Easter Sunday 27 March
Easter Table top Sale – 1st Nuthall Scouts
11am till 2pm
Where: Scout Hut, Back Lane, Nuthall, NG16 1DW.
What’s on: The Scout Group are aiming to raise £8,000 to part fund a trip to Switzerland next year. The Scouts will be selling homemade yummy cakes and jewellery.
Wednesday 30 march
Wednesday mornings with Dig In – Stapleford
10am till 12 noon
Where: Albany Allotments, Pasture Road, Stapleford, NG9 8HZ.
What’s on: Full details here.
Friday 1 April
Free Dog Microchipping event – Nuthall
11am till 1pm
Where: Basil Russell Park, Maple Drive, Nuthall, NG16 1EH.
What’s on: Come along to get your dog microchipped for free at this drop in event.
Saturday 2 April
Stapleford Farmers Market
9am till 2pm
Where: Walter Parker Square, Stapleford, NG9 3JN.
What’s on: Monthly Farmers Market that runs on the first Saturday of each month.

Saturday mornings with Dig In – Stapleford
10am till 12 noon
Where: Albany Allotments, Pasture Road, Stapleford, NG9 8HZ.
What’s on: Full details here.
Monday 4 April
Bramcote 2064 – meeting
7:45pm for 8pm
Where: Bramcote Memorial Hall.
What’s on: Bramcote Hills Community Association and the Bramcote Conservation Society will be holding this joint event in order to move forward the idea of a Neighbourhood Plan for Bramcote.
Wednesday 6 April
Wednesday mornings with Dig In – Stapleford
10am till 12 noon
Where: Albany Allotments, Pasture Road, Stapleford, NG9 8HZ.
What’s on: Full details here.
Thursday 7 April
Beeston U3A open meeting
Where: Chilwell Road Methodist Church.
What’s on: Dorothy O’Brien will give a talk ‘ It happened by chance. Setting up a school in Nepal’.
Friday 8 April
Beeston and District Civic Society – Open discussion meeting
Where: The Pearson Centre.
Saturday 9 April
Saturday mornings with Dig In – Stapleford
10am till 12 noon
Where: Albany Allotments, Pasture Road, Stapleford, NG9 8HZ.
What’s on: Full details here.
Monday 11 April
Talk – The Badger Edge Vaccination Scheme in Nottinghamshire
Where: Lombardy Lodge, Portland Road, Toton.
What’s on: A talk by Ben Driver, Southern Conservation Officer from Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.
Friday 15 April
CAB Fundraising Concert
Where: Beeston Methodist Church, Chilwell Road, NG9 1EH.
What’s on: The CAB’s biggest fundraising event of the year. Full details here.
Saturday 16 April
Chilwell Memorial Lawn Tennis Club – open day
2pm till 6pm
Where: Chilwell Memorial Hall, 129 High Road, Chilwell, NG9 4AT.
What’s on: It will be free to play on the day, there will also be refreshments such as tea, coffee and cake.

Jumble Sale
10am till 1pm
Where: St. John’s Social Centre, Graylands Road, Bilborough, NG8 4FD.
What’s on: Admission is 20p, proceeds to All Saints Church Strelley.
Monday 18 April
Beeston Wildlife Group – talk
7:30pm till 9:30pm
Where: Trent Vale Infants School, Trent Road, Beeston Rylands, NG9 1LP.
What’s on: A talk by Tim Sexton on Attenborough ‘ The Big year’.
Wednesday 20 April
Laurel and Hardy film show
7:30pm till 10:30pm
Where: The White Lion, Beeston, NG9 1FX.
What’s on: Lauren & Hardy Appreciation Society free film showing.

Beeston and District Local History Society – Talk
Where: Chilwell Memorial Hall.
What’s on: A talk by Bob Massey ‘ Smashing the frames, the story of the Luddites in Nottinghamshire’.
Thursday 21 April
Stapleford CAT Meeting
7pm till 8:30pm
Where: The Meeting Place, Stapleford.
Friday 22 April
Bramcote 5K
Where: Bramcote Hills Park.
What’s on: Run, walk, jog or plod the 5k race. Please email to enter.
Saturday 23 April
Beeston Wildlife Group Walk
10am till 1pm
Where: Attenborough Nature Reserve.
What’s on: Free guided walk around the reserve.

St Georges Day Charity Ball
Where: The Nottingham Belfry, NG8 6PY.
What’s on: Full details here.
Sunday 24 April
Awsworth 5K Fun Run
Where: Awsworth Primary and Nursery School.
What’s on: 5K fun run is support of the Ryan lee Trust, to enter please click here.

Anna Soubry MP
Barton House, 61 High Road, Chilwell, NG9 4AJ
0115 943 6507

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6 Responses to News From Anna Soubry MP 25 March 2016

  1. I have just sent the following email to our MP and local Councillors with regards the Future of Field Farm after the announcement about Chetwynd Barracks yesterday.

    Good evening all.

    Now the news of Chetwynd Barracks is all over the place and with the possibility of many 100s of new Houses being built on the site what does this mean for the future of Field Farm in Stapleford?

    Does this now mean that the decision to allow building on our Greenbelt can be reversed?

    Does it mean people will be fighting to “SAVE FIELD FARM”

    Or maybe not. After outline planning permission was granted several years ago to allow development on Field Farm can this previous decision be changed.

    I have emailed you all to ask this very question.

    What does it mean for the future of Field Farm.

    I have read the following from Anna Soubrys newsletter,

    “it is a genuine alternative brownfield site to the Green Belt land in Toton. I am firmly of the view that this is not an additional site for some 700 plus homes but an alternative to 500 houses on our Green Belt with extra to satisfy our five year land supply.”

    Yet I am very disappointed that there is no mention of saving Field Farm in Stapleford.

    Councillor Richard MacRae

    • RichHartman says:

      Soubry cannot turn the clock back (and she’s proved she cannot ‘save the greenbelt’ despite her noisy campaign). Her government’s minister approved the council’s Strategy Plan that released the Toton site, and that’s now got planning consent. Field Farm also has planning consent. She supports housing being built on the White Park Hills school site, but that’s greenbelt too?

      • Richard – you are quite right to say that the land leased by the White Hills Park Federation from Notts County Council lies within the green belt. This is in contrast to the former golf course which Broxtowe BC “considered unsuitable for residential development”.

        I will be discussing these areas in my talk on Monday 4 April (7.45pm) at Memorial Hall, an event co hosted by the Bramcote Conservation Society and Bramcote Hills Community Association (whose Planning Committee I chair).

        You can see a map of England’s green belt at:

        NB Field Farm, which was removed by the Council from the green belt, is still showing as green belt on this map.

    • The only person who has replied to my email was Councillor Steve Carr, who replied within the same day I sent out the email. I have not heard anything from anyone else which I find really sad.

  2. stevebarber says:

    Sadly she is wrong if she is referring to the 5 year supply to 2018 (which Field Farm and Toton are to help provide). The barracks will not be available for housing until at least 2020. Please let us know the response Richard.

  3. Ruth V says:

    On reading the housing allocation or SHLAA ONLINE the following is apparent. This is available for anyone to read on Broxtowe borough council web and is wise to read before making statements.
    “To be considered deliverable, sites should be available now, offer a suitable location for development now, and be achievable with a realistic prospect that housing will be delivered on the site within five years and in particular that development of the site is viable.
    Ms Soubry says MOD should release land now!!! It takes considerable time to gets site permission even without contamination factors and ecological surveys. The barracks has been factored into the SHLAA in future tranches already, again easy to find out by reading the info online.
    But also read
    The conclusion at end of SHLAA document
    “The requirement from 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2021 (taken from the adopted Core Strategy) is 2010 dwellings ((360 x 2) + (430 x 3)). First added to this is a buffer of 20% which would take the requirement up to 2412 dwellings (2010 x 1.2) for the respective period. There is also a shortfall of 745 dwellings.”

    So even with field farm and Toton , Broxtowe still falls short.

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