News from David Watts Liberal Democrate 20 March 2016

david-watts1. Waste Recycling Centres / 2. Combined Authority / 3. West End Surgery / 4.  Awsworth 5K Fun Run / 5. Moults Yard / 6. Beeston Police Station / 7.  Garden Waste Scheme / 8. Best of Broxtowe Awards / 9. East Midlands Ambulance Service / 10. Beeston Youth and Community Centre / 11. Register To Vote / 12. Horrible Histories Scarecrows.

  1. Waste Recycling Centres   A new scheme aimed at reducing the amount of waste at the county’s recycling centres will help save the County Council £200,000 a year in waste disposal costs. Under the scheme, Nottinghamshire residents, who wish to use one of the Council’s 12 recycling centres will first have to complete a free one-off registration to continue using the sites as they do now. The simple registration process can be completed online from 21 March at the County Council’s website, or by calling the customer service centre on 0300 500 80 80. The scheme will come into force in the autumn.
  2. Combined Authority I have reported on a number of occasions about the efforts of the Government to force councils in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire to come together in a combined authority with a directly elected mayor, even though there is little evidence of any local support for such a move. The plans have now taken a further knock with Bassetlaw council saying that they no longer wish to be a part of the process.
  3. West End Surgery  It was disappointing to read this week that the West End Surgery in Beeston has been put into “special measures” by the regulators, the Care Quality Commission. They concluded that patients and staff “were at risk of harm” and that there was poor continuity of care. The surgery have stressed that they are working hard to address the issues that have been identified.
  4. Awsworth 5K Fun Run The fifth annual 5K fun run will take place on April 24th. Money raised from this years event will go to the Ryan Lee Trust. Anyone wishing to take part can register by ringing 0115 932 1926.
  5. Moults Yard  Broxtowe Borough Council have announced plans to compulsorily purchase Moults Yard in Stapleford, the land on Nottingham Road which has been derelict for many years. It has planning permission for 19 houses to be built on the site, but despite this being in place for many years it has never happened. When I was on the council I put the process in place to enable the council to obtain compulsory purchase orders, and this site was the one that I always anticipated being the first one where it would be used. I am glad that this is now being done although there seems to have been a considerable delay.
  6. Beeston Police Station  The council have given planning permission for the old Beeston Police Station to be converted into 24 flats. The listed part of the building will be retained and converted into 5 flats and the rest of the site will be demolished and 19 new flats built. There was a row about this at the planning committee as developers of sites usually have to contribute to education provision in the area but the develoers of this site are not being asked to.
  7. Garden Waste Scheme   The current garden waste collection scheme run by the council is about to expire and residents are being encouraged to renew. (I did mine this afternoon.) To encourage people to sign up the council are running a draw each month for April, May and June of people who renewed that month and the winner will receive £100 of vouchers for Trowell Garden Centre.
  8. Best of Broxtowe Awards  May I remind readers that nominations are still open for the Best of Broxtowe awards sponsored by the Nottingham Post. There are twelve categories and nominations can be made at The closing date for nominations is Friday 8th April.
  9. East Midlands Ambulance Service  I have reported a number of times in this newsletter about the poor performance of the East Midlands Ambulance Service. This is not the fault of the front line staff but a problem of habitually poor management. (Recently I had to call an ambulance for a seriously ill member of my family and we had to wait over an hour on an emergency call, which is nothing like good enough.) Now the Chief Executive, who was only appointed in 2013, has left her post and once again a new leader is being sought.
  10. Beeston Youth and Community Centre has reopened this week after being closed for the past seven weeks for a refurbishment. The work has cost £70,000 and includes fitting solar panels as well as internal improvements.
  11. Register To Vote  There are two elections coming up this spring. In May it will be the Police and Crime Commissioner election. (The Lib Dems will be boycotting this as we did previously. We do not agree with the position or the vast waste of money it involves.) Following this in June it will be the referendum on membership of the European Union. The deadline for registering to vote for either of these is the 18th April. If you’re not registered to vote you can sign up to do so at
  12. Horrible Histories Scarecrows  Horrible histories will come to life in Scarecrow form this Spring as the Friends of Colliers Wood host the third annual scarecrow challenge, as part of the Greasley Gathering. From Henry VIII to William the Conqueror and Queen Elizabeth I, the competition is open to local residents, organisations and community groups and is an imaginative way to bring history to life in a fun way for all the family on Monday 30th May. Last year’s competition attracted entries from schools and uniformed groups, with top prizes awarded to Greasley Beauvale Primary School and 1st Greasley Guides. People wishing to take part should register by 15th April on the website at

There will be no newsletter for the next two weeks because of the Easter Holidays.

Best wishes    David

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10 Responses to News from David Watts Liberal Democrate 20 March 2016

  1. Fred R says:

    “Nottinghamshire residents, who wish to use one of the Council’s 12 recycling centres will first have to complete a free one-off registration to continue using the sites as they do now.” – Why? At the moment you can just turn up at, say, Lilac Grove on a whim. To my untutored eyes this works fine, and the centre is always busy, even on this Monday morning when I dropped in to get rid of some old paint and electrical gear. If we have to register to use the site, then does that mean that on entry someone’s going to have to check your registration card, or that you’re going to have to make an appointment, or what? The more faffy it is to recycle, the more likely it is that people will just shove their recyclable waste into black bins or, worse, fly tip.

    I know that council’s are having their funding cut drastically by central government and are thus forced to make cuts, but I can’t imagine how a registration scheme will save money – on the contrary, it may increase costs. Is the scheme intended to save money by cutting recycling centre staff? More information, please.

    • patrickratcliffe says:

      The Council’s website says the scheme will save money because it will prevent out of county householders using our refuse collection points, many of which are close to our borders and convenient for out of county users. Thus there will be less waste for the council to dispose of and thus lower cost.
      But I feel you are quite correct about people who are prevented from using the sites, fly-tipping or using black top bins, and certainly being just a little angry.
      False economy!

  2. Sue Sambells says:

    I have just registered for recycling at I figured it’s best to do it now because to turn up with a car load (having forgotten about the registration) and be denied access, in the future, would be extremely annoying! It didn’t take long. You firstly register for an online account. They verify you via email and voters roll (presumably). You can register up to two cars.

    • Fred R says:

      I’m sure that it’s easy enough to register, but I’d still like to know why registration is being implemented and how it’s supposed to save money. It’s a hoop to jump through for folk wanting to recycle and discourages casual usage of the site, and any extra faff to recycling will put folk off bothering. It’s a cert that only some Notts residents will get the message about needing to register, and there’ll be aggro when casual users turn up and are turned away by staff.

      • RichHartman says:

        Which county-councillors voted for this registration scheme? More ‘big brother’ is watching what you do.
        How do they reckon it will save £200k?
        If people decide instead to fly-tip, or go to Derbyshre tips, or fill up their black bins, won’t this potenially affect Notts CC’s recycling targets?

      • Richard Willan says:

        I tend to agree with Fred on this. The bureaucratic tail is wagging the plebeian dog.

      • Richard Willan says:

        Having taken the time to register I have now received a confirmation email. But amazingly this email states that if I change my vehicle(s) I will have to register again. And presumably I will be denied access to my local recycling centre if I turn up in a hired car or any other vehicle. Madness.

        Are our local County Councillors aware of this ‘1984’ development?

    • Fred R says:

      I’ve just gotten around to setting up an account on the NCC site, much against my will, simply to register to use the *public* recycling site. It’s a pain to register, but what I’m now balking at is the requirement to put in your date of birth for your “identity” to be “verified”. I’ve never had to do that on any other site. IMO it’s personally obtrusive and, frankly, none of their @#$#ing business. I’ve emailed NCC asking:

      1. By what means is identity verified by DOB?
      2. Why the flip do you need identity verification simply to dump waste?

      I expect a standard offhand corporate reply, but if there’s owt of substance in it I’ll post it here.

      • Fred R says:

        I received the following reply from Notts CC:

        “Our recycling centres are for use by Nottinghamshire residents only (excluding Nottingham City). We use the personal information which includes date of birth to check that you are a Nottinghamshire resident using our identity verification provider, CallCredit. This check will not affect your credit rating but may be recorded on your credit history.”

        So, in order to use a NCC recycling centre, you have to submit to a credit check. Even though it’s NCC that’s under an obligation to fulfil its recycling targets. Whether or not you consider that acceptable will depend on your views on privacy.

        I’ve sent a follow-up Q:
        “How does your “provider” use DOB data to check a person’s identity?”

  3. Ian Blakeley says:

    Para 1. Why introduce a scheme that is exactly the same as the existing one (i.e. You simply turn up and give your rubbish to the council), will cost us taxpayers the same to attend (i.e. Nothing) but will cost the same taxpayers money (that could be better used elsewhere) to administer it. I suspect a charge will appear in the foreseeable future.

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