Closure of The Footpath Between Moss Drive and Bluebell Woods in Bramcote

Bramcote Conservation SocietyBramcote Conservation Society write: The footpath between Moss Drive and Bluebell Woods in Bramcote was permanently closed off in early January, by the upgrading of the existing gates by Lawns Co who intentionally blocked off ALL pedestrian access to Bluebell Woods beyond.

Subsequently the fencing has now been extended sideways with further high fencing to prevent local residents gain access to the woods around the sides of the gates. The second gate which is located at the wood’s end has now also been liberally smeared with grease.

The landowners of this small tract of land are Lawns Co., a company involving three of the households within The Lawns development.

We understand Lawns Co at that time bought this tract of land from the original developer to continue to protect it as Greenbelt and from any possibility of any further development in the future encroaching too close to the Lawns.

That consideration has swiftly changed to one of profitable development, with an application to build five grand and extensive apartments on our protected Greenbelt land.

The tract of land is within our precious local Green Belt and Bramcote Conservation Area and the application for a Lawns 2 development has been refused by our local planners on two separate occasions for all the correct reasons given.

Many of us feel that the two matters are separate issues and as such we are making a concerted effort to complete enough Evidence Forms to have the path permanently instated as a Public Right of Way.

To do this we have to prove continuous regular use over a period of at least 20 years, ideally over 40. This must be unobstructed pedestrian access.

When the University owned the land there were no gates and they were, and still are, happy for the public to have permissive access to and through the woods and scout field as long as the area is treated with respect. About 10 years ago the two field gates went up over the path in question to stop abuse by cars and motorbikes, pedestrian access was still allowed.

The Conservation Society is spear-heading the effort to regain this route and would be grateful for anyone filling in the Council’s forms. This is the ONLY permanent way that this path will be saved for the future.

Please fill in a form below with black pen and return it to Phil Sands, 15 Cow Lane Bramcote or Chris Dilks, 6 Claremont Avenue Bramcote. It must be accompanied by the map of the area below.


A Public Rights of Way User Evidence Form

Map of the area

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One Response to Closure of The Footpath Between Moss Drive and Bluebell Woods in Bramcote

  1. RichHartman says:

    It might be worth contacting the University Estates office for an affidavit or some authorised history of pedestrian access allowed here?

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