A Step Closer to an Improved Gateway to South Broxtowe

Bridge 11.3.16 3At this week’s Bramcote CAT meeting the subject of the Sherwin island was, yet again, discussed.  Residents of Bramcote and regular readers will know there have been many complaints, and still are, regarding the state of the island since Highways Agency decided to “clear” it and replant.

Bridge 11.3.16 2I raised the subject of the poor state of the bridge, which appears to have been overlooked. The bridge hasn’t been repainted for some time and is looking very sad.

Cllr Martin Plackett has written to, and received an encouraging reply from, Rajinder KauBridge 11.3.16 1r, Asset Manager for Highways England.  he has visited the bridge and seen the state of it for himself and wrote to say that he is looking into feasible options for cleaning the bridge.

We may well yet get an impressive “gateway” to Bramcote and South Broxtowe.

About Sue Sambells

Editor of Bramcote Today. Trustee of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch. Lead Coordinator for RVR, Bramcote - Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
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4 Responses to A Step Closer to an Improved Gateway to South Broxtowe

  1. Fred R says:

    There’s a safety problem with Sherwin Island if you come to the A52 from Town Street, as it’s really not clear when trying to get on the A52 if your way is clear or not, particularly if you want to get on to the Ilkeston or Nottingham lanes which require crossing the two fast A52 lanes out of Nottingham. Sometimes it looks like those are clear but the lights for those lanes might be green and fast-moving traffic may be coming. I’ve had a couple of near-misses myself. It would be worth considering lights for the A52/Town Street junction.

  2. Martin Plackett. Cllr.Bramcote Ward BBC says:

    Having contacted the Highways England Asset Manager for Notts and Derby, Rajinder Kaur (A Lady) she visited the Bridge this week. Rajinder assured me that she is meeting their Contractors A one plus, next week and will be pressing them to instigating a cleaning plan for the Island Bridge. Which as Sue says with pictures, is truly dreadful
    The Asset Manager was also pleased to confirm that Broxtowe Borough Council Staff are to receive training next week from A one plus with the hope that when traffic management is in place for grass cutting, a programme of maintenence by the Council on the Island can begin, together with the planting of Summer flowering Montbretia.
    Rajinder also confirmed that she is still pressing ‘very strongly’ for an enhanced scheme of work for the Island. Whilst hopeful, such a plan she cautioned is dependant upon the availability of funding.

    Whilst encouraged by my discussions this week it would be wrong to assume that our vision for a perfect entrance to Bramcote and South Broxtowe is ‘In the bag’. May I suggest with optomism and hope we literally ‘watch this space’

  3. Barry Morrison says:

    How about trying to get bridge levelled out for pedestrians? As in the winter there are ice puddles due to the uneven surface..I can’t recall the amount of times I;ve gone a–e over t-t.

  4. patrickratcliffe says:

    This says a great deal about Conservative priorities.
    Cut and close public toilets and cash offices for those who need them, and then spend money on failed techniques with failed contractors to clear weeds and decorate an ‘entrance’ to Bramcote.

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