Dodge City‏

Judy Sleath writes: Does anyone know why Bramcote Shops are referred to by some, me included, as’ Dodge City’? I have used this term since the late 60’s and used it in a post of Streetlife, someone asked me why I said that and said her family also used the term, she thinks it is an old phrase, any ideas anyone. And why are the shops there called Bramcote Shops when they are in Wollaton? Or are they?

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  1. Steve Austin says:

    The shops are in Wollaton and are more correctly called Bramcote Lane Shops. Dodge City? I have never heard that term but it will be interesting to hear from others.
    Another Stabbo?

  2. I was introduced to the term ‘Dodge City’ by a former chair of BHCA – it refers to the style of high street shops once common in small American towns- a google of ‘dodge city’ will reveal all.

  3. There used to be metal railings all around the car parking area and people thought it looked like where horses were tied up in the wild west. Or in Dodge City.

  4. Richard Willan says:

    Early editions of the best selling Geography ‘A’ Level text book (Geography: An Integrated Approach by David Waugh) included a photograph of the shops on Bramcote Lane. The caption didn’t allude to ‘Dodge City’ but rather concentrated on what a fine example it was of a middle-order suburban parade in the retail shopping hierarchy! National claim to fame from an author who lived and worked in Carlisle.

  5. Graham Taylor says:

    Called Bramcote Shops because they are on Bramcote Lane, or “the road to Bramcote”.

    If you look up “Britain from the Air” you will see that the lane from the Admiral Rodney at Wollaton effectively ended about where the church burial ground was. The area up to what is now called Bramcote Hills was crossed by a series of paths, the main one being up Sandy Lane. It was agricultural land .

    Thoresby Road was a much later edition.

    I have lived in the area for 45 years and have never heard the shops referred to as Dodge City. Perhaps it was called thus by someone addicted to American TV in the late 1960s.

  6. Alison Wilson says:

    My husband was brought up in Arnold, but had a friend at Grammar School who lived on Deddington Lane (in the mid 1960s), and has always referred to it as Dodge City.
    He remembers it was because of the busyness of the traffic as the area developped – or maybe because of the growing popularity of Westerns on the increasingly available new fangled technology of television – see Paul’s comment, above!

  7. Judy S says:

    Thank you everyone, most interesting replies.

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