Closure of Moss Drive Footpath to Bramcote Woods

Footpathmap (3)Simon Wilson writes: Can anyone shed light on the blocking off of the public access to the Bramcote woods via Moss Drive by the Lawns flats?

This access is used by the public, local scout groups, and dog walkers and in my experience had always been well respected and kept litter free.

Recently a huge gate and barbed wire has appeared blocking this access which is signposted as a public right of way?

Editor: Contact Bramcote Conservation Society for further information. They are asking the public to complete A Public Rights of Way User Evidence Form which must be accompanied by this map of the area.


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16 Responses to Closure of Moss Drive Footpath to Bramcote Woods

  1. Jeremy Wilkinson says:

    Hi, there is even a public bin, now behind the ‘barricade’, so surely this is a designated public path?

  2. Jonathan Etheridge says:

    I have known that route to be be barricaded for a couple of days each year…I suspect to allow the landowners to be able to demonstrate that this is not a permanent public right of way. They seem to have upped the game now. Suggest all of those who have used this route in the past complete the form that was posted (thank you for this!).


  3. I haver completed the Public Rights of Way User Evidence Form and sent a copy to the Chair of the Bramcote Conservation Society. I understand that the residents of “The Lawns” have taken steps to deny access and that it has something to do with a dispute with Broxtowe Borough Council over a planning application for further building in this area that was turned down by the Council.
    My own experience is that this is a public footpath that has been in existence for at least the whole time that I have lived in the area (44 years). It is a route that is much enjoyed by walkers and is used as an access to Bluebell Woods. It is a huge shame that the local residents have taken it upon themselves to deny public access in this manner.

    • RichHartman says:

      From what I read at the time there wasn’t a dispute about a planning application, it was simply refused consent because the land is in the greenbelt, as the residents of The Lawns will know full well.

  4. Martin Plackett. says:

    As Stan so rightly says it is a huge shame that access via Moss Drive has been denied to our famous Bluebell Hill Woods. Since a boy (along time-ago) I have walked that route and am saddened by the action by the owners of the Lawns. The Bramcote Conservation Society are coordinating their response and I would urge all those like Stan and myself to complete the Right of Way evidence form. For further information please e-mail the Conservation Society Chairman Rob Greer.

  5. Fred R says:

    I’ve just looked at my 2.5″ OS map and this is very clearly marked as a public Right of Way, and indeed I’ve used it myself on occasion. Does anyone know who the offending landowner is? I believe that it is an offence to block a public ROW, but I suspect that it’s only a civil offence and with local councils in dire straits they probably don’t have the resources to take the landowner to court.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      They do have the resources, and on the assumption that the ROW exists they should win in court plus getting costs and then slapping on a hefty fine.

      • Steve Austin says:

        Editor: This path is not marked as a right of way. See The point in completing the Public Rights of Way User Evidence Form above is to show that the path has been in use by the public for many years to access Bramcote Woods and should be designated as a Public Right of Way. If you or anybody else uses or has used this path on a regular basis, please complete the form.

      • RichHartman says:

        Notts County Council, not the borough council, deals with public foot paths. Will county councillor Steve Carr take this up with the relevant officials?

  6. Chris Robson says:

    Last November i was walking down the path and talked to a resident of The Lawns. He was worried about damage etc that seemed to have been occurring, and asked me about a parked car near the gate. What i didn’t realise until he told me was that he and some other residents owned the land up to the second gate, thereafter it was University Land. i suspect that this is a reaction to trespass and misuse of the land as when we asked him if we had access along the road he said that they were quite happy with people using the road as long as they didn’t cause damage or move off the road.

  7. stevebarber says:

    Has anyone contacted the Ramblers Association? The local rights of way officer,Chris Thompson lives in Broxtowe.

  8. Jonathan Etheridge says:

    I wonder if anyone has any update on this. Have the submission been collated and sent to the County Council? Would be good to hear about any progress.

  9. Steve Austin says:

    Come to the meeting at the Memorial Hall tonight This is being hosted by Bramcote Conservation Society. As we as Paul Nathanail’s presentation, I am sure the Conservation Society will give an update on the access issue.

  10. Jonathan Etheridge says:

    Does anyone have any more information on the status of this. My wife was asked to give ‘evidence’ to the County Council (they picked folk who had sent submissions in) but all as been quiet since…

  11. Martin Plackett. Cllr Bramcote Ward B BC says:

    Quite sure Rob Greer Chair of the Conservation Society will update on the current position.

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