News From Bramcote Conservatives

Councillor Martin Plackett Reports: Bramcote Conservatives Delivery Team are currently distributing their Spring In Touch to all houses in Bramcote Ward.

Click on Bramcote In Touch to read a copy.


Martin also says that he is ‘out and about’ in the Community most days of the week. ‘ If you have a concern with which the Council may be able to help to not hesitate to stop and talk with me.’ ‘Meeting folk and helping with their concerns are a big part of my role as one of your Representatives and I am very happy to make myself available to residents where appropriate wherever and whenever possible.’


Advance notice. This years HOG ROAST at Shortwood House, Waterloo Lane, Trowell will be on SATURDAY 4th JUNE. More detail to follow.

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3 Responses to News From Bramcote Conservatives

  1. Joan Wade says:

    Are any senior members of the party due to attend the annual hog roast?

  2. Barry Morrison says:

    Nice one Steve..Roasting eh?

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