Reminder: Question Time Monday 29 February, 7.00pm, Bramcote Memorial Hall

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See Question Time Leaflet

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34 Responses to Reminder: Question Time Monday 29 February, 7.00pm, Bramcote Memorial Hall

  1. Joan Wade says:

    I am surprised that once again there is no mention that Mr Harper is representing the Conservative party.

  2. patrickratcliffe says:

    Can somebody please illuminate my ignorance. Is Tony Harper standing as an candidate without the support of a political party, or does he have something to hide?

  3. Dawn Booth says:

    I don’t believe that Tony Harper has ever tried to hide the fact he a Conservative councillor, its a matter of public record. What people shouldn’t lose sight of is the role of the PCC is none political once in post, I think it would be beneficial for people to focus on Tony’s 36 years of experience in the police force to draw on and his obvious passion for policing. I will be at the meeting tomorrow evening and look forward to hearing what he has to say with an open mind without getting into the political arena.

    • stevejcarr says:

      Then why not stand as an Independent?

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        I have been informed that Dr Chandran, who stood last time and was eliminated after the first count, spent £41k of his own money. That’s why people don’t stand as Independents Steve, they can’t afford to. Why don’t you stand as an Independent Councillor next time Steve? Along with Joan Wade (if she can be persuaded to stand) you would then get my vote.

  4. Joan Wade says:

    I am not sure what the position is with regard to the PCC elections but is there not some requirement that the party label appears on campaign literature?

  5. Ian Blakeley says:

    I’ve yet to be convinced that there is any need for a PCC. Can anyone, in all honesty, say what Paddy Tipping has achieved in the past 4 years that the Chief Constable would have been unable to carry out. The old Police Authority membership was the thing that really ought to have been elected.

  6. Sue Sambells says:

    As well as being an editor of Bramcote Today, I am a trustee for Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch so have an interest in the P&CC role .Paddy Tipping, the current P&CC is, I believe, a Labour supporter. I have little interest in his or Tony’s politics, merely how effective they will be in this role. Paddy has been supportive of neighbourhood watch.
    If you go tonight Joan, do introduce yourself to me – it would be good to finally meet you.

  7. James s says:

    Good luck on meeting Joan.

  8. Ian Blakeley says:

    I found last nights meeting extremely informative. Pity that a) there were not that many people there, & b) there didn’t seem to be any others who aren’t conservative supporters.

  9. Joan Wade says:

    Paddy Tipping is standing as the Labour Party Candidate and what campaign literature I have seen of his states this to be the case. One of the reservations that I have about these posts is this party political involvement and for this reason I had long ruled out voting for Mr Tipping. It was not until I read the comment by Councillor Carr on this site that I became aware that Tony Harper was the Conservative Party Candidate. It is possible to stand as an independent for these posts but my understanding gained from this site is that Tony Harper is not standing as such. If I am wrong on this I am happy for someone to say so.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      So Joan, if you aren’t voting for Paddy, who do you think will make a good job of PCC? Politics aside that is.

      • Joan Wade says:

        Until November 2012 these posts did not exist and had never existed. 85% of eligible voters did not vote in the 2012 elections. It will cost £50 million pounds just to hold the elections for PCC in 2016. This is also estimated to be the annual running costs of the office. Is it sensible to spend such huge sums of public money and to concentrate power in the hands of one individual in each area. This is money which could go into front line policing.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        Answer the question Joan.
        Most of us know that the upwards of £800k pa, that this post in Notts. costs us the taxpayer would be far better spent on real policing but unfortunately it was something that your Conswervative & Lib Dem mates at Westminster dreamt up in 2010 so we have to live with it for the time being. Hopefully we won’t have to endure the latest harebrained scheme emanating from those (not so these days) worthy portals if our councils keep throwing out the idea of an East Midlands Dictator to lord over us. Long may they do so.

      • Joan Wade says:

        The answer to your question Ian is that I do not think that anyone would because I do not think that the post should exist. Far better that the money is saved for front line policing and that the police become once again accountable to a representative body. In so far as it does exist I would prefer it not to be held by a representative of a political party.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        So I assume that you won’t be voting in that particular election Joan.

        And for the record, I too do not think that the post of PCC should exist, and as already stated, I think that the money could be put to better use. Extra police officers perhaps.

  10. Dawn Booth says:

    Its a shame you didn’t come to the meeting Joan, because all your questions could have been answered. There are other public meeting planned and it would be good for you to come, and then you can judge for yourself

  11. stevejcarr says:

    I don’t think all questions would have been answered as only one candidate was there. Tony is completely entitled to hold public meetings etc. but please can we have a bit of transparency. He is the Official Conservative candidate.

    It is unlikely that the LibDems will be fielding a candidate as, locally, we don’t think the position should be there at all. The election itself will cost around £1m which could be better spent, say, on the police!

    I will be looking for a independent to vote for. If there isn’t one, I can feel “none of the above” coming on.

    • Dawn Booth says:

      As already mentioned Steve, Tony has never hidden the fact that he is the conservative candidate.

      You are obviously not aware that your party has chosen their candidate by the name of David Allan. It was a surprise however because you recently told Tony at a meeting that you were the Lib Dem candidate!
      Tony is looking forward to the opportunity of holding a hustings with your candidate (and any other that would like to take the stage with him), and would appreciate it greatly if it could be organised

      • Steve Carr says:

        I most certainly have never had any intention of standing for this election and never will do. Cllr Harper is totally misinformed and you are completely wrong. I look forward to your apology.

      • Steve Carr says:

        I have just spoke to our Chairman Tim Hallam. There is no LibDem candidate.

      • patrickratcliffe says:

        I’m tired of reading this rubbish that Mr Harper is not attempting to hide his true identity. He is a Tory. He should say so openly on his leaflets. Anything else is deception.
        As regards an election costing around £1,000,000, scrap it, spend the money on front-line policing – bobbies on the streets.

      • Ian Blakeley says:

        Patrick, at the moment the PCC post exists and an election to the post is due, so we cannot just ignore it as it won’t go away. IT IS a non-political position so please make your voice heard and vote for the person YOU feel will make a good job of it.

        Personally I don’t think that any election to local councils (County and below) or posts like PCC, should be on political grounds but unfortunately people insist that it has to be party political with the result that many people who would make excellent councillors/post holders either do not stand or do not get elected.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      What’s more important to you Steve (in any election), voting for a person who seems to be eminently suitable for a position/post; or voting for someone because of their party allegiance? Personally I’d rather we had the right person in post, irrespective of which party they support.

  12. Steve Carr says:

    David Allan is the candidate for the English Democrats!

  13. Dawn Booth says:

    Just to remind you Steve, you were at Broxtowe Borough Council December meeting and at the buffet after the meeting you told Tony in front of Cllr Mia Kee, that you were standing in the election. (you said if you were elected you would close the office down)
    I think you had better have a word with David Allan as the people organising the new candidates election meeting believe he is a potential candidate.

    • Tim Hallam says:

      Double cream, Steve?

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      “you said if you were elected you would close the office down” An impossible task Steve, a bit like the Lib Dems being able to form a credible government.

  14. Steve Carr says:

    I do not need reminding Dawn Booth as I never said it. This is a blatant untruth and quite frankly if Cllr Harper and Cllr Kee are saying this then I will have no hesitation to report them to the Standards Committee.

    This is absolutely disgraceful.

  15. Barry Morrison says:

    Why the hell don’t you all grow up and stop bickering..This is what makes voters think why the hell should I bother?

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