EU Referendum will take place 23 June 2016

David CameronDavid Cameron has announced that we will be asked to vote in the EU Referendum to decide whether we should stay in the European Union or exit the Union.   The Referendum will take place on Thursday 23 June 2016.

Read more details on the BBC Web Site here.

Or on this  EU Referendum Web Site    Or even on the Guardian Web Site.

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15 Responses to EU Referendum will take place 23 June 2016

  1. Joan Wade says:

    Already been asked once and already voted to say that we should stay in. The vote went this way but almost from day one the Europhobes refused to accept the will of the British people.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Except Joan, as you well know, the electorate was not informed about the plans that were already in existence for a unified and corrupt superstate governed by an unelected, undemocratic, unanswerable elite.

      I voted to stay in last time, this time in spite of what Cameron (thinks he) has achieved I’m voting to leave. And I hope the majority of the electorate do the same.

      • Steve Carr says:

        Sorry. Sounds like you are describing the British Government!

      • Joan Wade says:

        No problem Ian but now that the precedent has been set we can keep on having these EU Referendum until we get the right answer.

      • Joan Wade says:

        Of all the arguments for or against the EU the one that I find most bizarre is this argument that Europhobes put forward about democracy. Democracy is about putting power in the hands of the people. How can you at one moment claim to be in favour of democracy but at the same time seek to deny the people of this country a voice in how their continent is managed? If we leave the EU the European Parliament will not go away. It will just be that British people will no longer be permitted to vote in European elections and the people of France and Germany will decide matters for us.

    • Howard Shakespeare says:

      In 1975 Harold Wilson renegotiated the UK’s membership of the EEC. The British people were concerned that the goal was to create a political union.
      Wilson assured the people that Europe would be merely a trading block, nothing more.
      Events have shown Wilson’s answer to be entirely bogus.
      Large parts of our democracy were lost by the signing of the Maastricht Treaty. Even more was given to Brussels by the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty. On both occasions the people were not given their voice in the loss of their rights.
      Again the British people were assured that they were not losing their rights, they were pooling them. As we all know, that was utter fantasy.
      David Cameron’s renegotiation has achieved just about as much as Harold Wilson’s.
      In practice , there is very little to prevent a future government from signing away what is left of our rights and democracy. Perhaps it would be called the ‘Berlin Treaty’?
      Now we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to save our nation from a chaos ridden and undemocratic European Union.

      • patrickratcliffe says:

        Your memories, Mr Shakespeare, and mine regarding the concerns of the British people in 1975, are widely different. I remember a British people who were keen to have a favourable trading relationship with people across the ditch.
        They knew, from the war, and from their experience of society, the power of sharing over the fragility of isolation.
        We know, but only in retrospect, that the secret goal of political union, was kept from them, by Wilson, Callaghan and the Whitehall mandarins. I have no memory, other than the beautifully argued comments of John Enoch Powell, and Tony Benn, regarding loss of sovereignty.
        The question for now, and for the future, in our globalised world, with regard to minimal loss of full control of law and authority, is whether the narrow belief in the power of the nation state supersedes the massive benefits from a shared union.

      • Fred R says:

        “Now we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to save our nation from a chaos ridden and undemocratic European Union.” Yep, we can do our own chaos and undemocratic rule, thank you very much. English chaos for English people.

  2. Steve Carr says:

    There are two sets of people who are going to be left out of this referendum. Firstly those that live or work in other EU countries. They are British citizens who should be able to vote in this election as many are only there temporarily. Secondly, 16 and 17 year olds. If they are allowed to work then they should be allowed to vote, after all they are the ones that are going to a have to live with the decision we make for 70 plus years.

    The shenanigans in Brussels make no difference to me. For security and economic stability I will be voting to remain in the EU. Anything else is a jump into the unknown, not one person supporting to leave can tells what will happen.

    • Fred R says:

      There’s a third and important group: EU citizens who live and work in the UK, of whom there are some millions from across Europe, and not just, as Kippers would have us believe, Eastern Europeans, but French, Italians (I know a good few of them), Spanish and more. They would be directly affected by a Brexit, and they should have the moral right to have a say on it, just as the millions of Brit expats in Europe should have the same right. There is currently a parliament petition on the go to give UK-resident EU citizens the right to vote in the referendum, though only British citizens (natch) have the right to sign it.

  3. Barry Morrison says:

    And as usual we are getting all the non existent and scaremongering arguments regarding this referendum. Steve, european nationals have been living and working in each others country’s for decades and this was all done with supply and demand. Before the EU was ever thought of..And what do you mean by security?. Whatever happens we will still be in NATO..No, there is on;y one answer and that is get the heck out of the EU..It’s done us no good at all. As for what will happen. Well we’ve come back after two world wars so why the hell should’nt we stand on our own two feet and do it again?..I remember the 2005 election when Tony Blair promised a referendum on the EU and the Lib Dems backed it..Tony Blair (being the liar that he is) ditched it and the Lib Dems followed suit..Bu then, they’ll follow whichever way the wind’s blowing. Won’t they?

    • Steve Carr says:

      Firstly, the LibDems were not in a position to implement a referendum in 2005 and secondly, it’s a shame we cannot have a debate without insults and rudeness.

      • Fred R says:

        Well that’s the pot calling the kettle black, right enough. That’s politics for you – insults and rudeness come with the territory, as you know very well indeed. You dish it out, so you can take it, I’m sure.

        There will be a massive amount of abuse and high emotion in this ‘debate’, for there’s a lot at stake, and much of the argument will be of a highly irrational nature.

  4. Barry Morrison says:

    Let’s get it correct Steve..I did’nt say the Lib ems were in a position to implement a referendum but it was in their manifesto and they ripped it up as soon as Tony Blair won the election and ripped their promised referendum up..And what’s with the comment about insults and rudeness?

  5. Barry Morrison says:

    Do you know what the problem is?..Well I’ll tell you..This is the third major referendum in 41 years.
    And not one of them has been held in the interest of the UK and its people….1975. Harold Wilson held a referendum on staying in or coming out of the Common Market..The reason being that he risked a massive split in the Labour party if he did’nt ask the people.
    In 2011 Cameron held a referendum on AV from the Lib Dems which Cameron agreed to to appease the Lib Dems to form a coalition..And that was kicked into the long grass as was expected
    2015. Cameron announces that a referendum on in/out of the EU will take place on 23rd june
    after pressure from UKIP and dissent in his own party.
    So does’nt it tell you these three referendums have been forced?
    And Cameron dug himself into a hole a few years ago when he made all these promises under the impression that he would’nt win the 2015 election..Then he found he’d got a problem as he had to make it look like he was doing something positive. I could go on forever but give Cameron his due. So far he’s sticking by his pledge to hold a referndum..Not like Tony Blair who just ignored what he’d previously said before the 2005 election.

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