Rt. Hon. Anna Soubry MP – Bikes and Bull

Anna Soubry MPUrgent meeting about dangerous cycle route

Hello again,

I have arranged an urgent meeting next Tuesday with senior executives from Tramlink and NET, the police and Broxtowe and Notts Council officials and Councillors. I am calling for urgent action to make Chilwell/High Road in Beeston safe for cyclists. The problem is that wheels are getting trapped in the tram tracks with serious consequences.

The entire stretch of road has confusing signs. But doesn't warn cyclists of the dangers. Cyclists have told me the tracks are particularly dangerous when wet.

The entire stretch of road has confusing signs. But doesn’t warn cyclists of the dangers. Cyclists have told me the tracks are particularly dangerous when wet.

Since my last email newsletter I have been overwhelmed

Like many others John didn't realise the danger by the tram stop. The pavement is raised and there is a very narrow space between it and the tram track. The double yellow lines create a further hazard.

Like many others John didn’t realise the danger by the tram stop. The pavement is raised and there is a very narrow space between it and the tram track. The double yellow lines create a further hazard.

by the number of people who have contacted me about their cycling accidents along the road. Many experienced and responsible cyclists have suffered serious injuries through no fault of their own. The Beeston Cycling Club will not use the route and other cycling groups accept it is dangerous.

A large number of accidents have gone unreported and we are keeping a full record of incidents brought to my attention.


Campaigning to make John’s accident the last I had a long meeting with Margaret Melia, wife of John Melia; John had the very serious cycling accident just before Christmas which attracted a lot of publicity. You may may recall that having caught his front wheel in a tram track John ended up under a car.

John’s injuries were so serious he was placed in a medically induced coma and it was heart breaking to hear from Margaret that she and their family feared he would not survive. John’s injuries included two punctured lungs, all of his ribs on one side broken, five broken on the other side in two places, both arms were fractured, four lumbar cracks and a crack to the thorax. John was recently discharged from hospital after some six weeks. John Melia was a very fit man who loved his sport especially who cycling and golf. He was a very experienced and careful cyclist; I wish him a full recovery though it will take a long time.

I am sure you will agree with me that we need to make the road safe for cyclists so his is the last accident.

Until speaking with Margaret Melia I hadn’t appreciated just how remarkable a number of traders and passers by had been in helping John. Not only did they lift off the car to release him but they looked after him until the ambulance arrived. A huge thank you to everyone at the QMC and especially the ambulance crew.

Have you been injured in a cycling accident involving the tram tracks?

I am holding a meeting of all those who have had an accident along this stretch of road on 26th February. Please do contact me if you have not already done so.

New White BullNew White Bull update  I am sorry to report that the owners of The New White Bull in Newthorpe have won their appeal. Broxtowe Borough Council courageously refused planning permission to turn the popular pub into a Co-Op using new powers brought in by the last Government. The owners appealed the decision to the Inspector and were successful. This is a blow after a long campaign. The Inspectors findings need careful analysis so we can be sure the new legislation is working and what lessons can be learnt. Please be assured I will continue to do all I can to oppose the application and secure a sale to the neighbouring Blue Monkey Brewery.

White Hills Park Federation plans for new school  WHPF have announced plans to build a much needed new school on its Bramcote campus. As the plans involve selling land to build houses this is bound to be controversial. You can be assured I will represent all views to the school and any planning authority in due course.  Click here to see Bramcote Today post.

Save Kimberley Swimming Club     I am supporting Kimberley Swimming Club who face closure because of Broxtowe Borough Councils plans to run their own swimming lessons in the Leisure Centre. I have written to Broxtowe urging them not to impose the policy decided before Kimberley elected two Conservative Borough Councillors! Like all swimming clubs Kimberley is run by wonderful volunteers, has members of all ages and abilities and their demise would be a serious loss to our community.

Kimberley PS VisitKimberley Primary School visit   I was delighted to be invited to visit Kimberley Primary School last week where I met the outstanding head teacher, Mrs Porter and the very impressive Junior Leadership Team. The pupils, who showed me around and gave me somewhat of a grilling in a question and answer session are clearly passionate about their school and I was delighted to receive such a warm welcome. I invited them to Westminster and like many of our schools I very much hope they will take up the invitation and I can return their kind hospitality.

Vote on Thursday in Toton & Chilwell Meadows and Greasley    Thursday is polling day in Greasley and Toton & Chilwell Meadows. I am very happy to support Eddie Cubley (Greasley) and Stephanie Kerry (Toton & Chilwell Meadows). They will be excellent Borough Councillors and I very much hope you will vote for them if you can. Polls open at 7am until 10pm.

Bits and bobs    The Post Office on Central Avenue in Beeston is to be modernised. It will close on March 2nd for a refit and will offer longer hours and even better services when it reopens on the 11th. Meanwhile, I am delighted the post box on Larkfield Road in Nuthall had been repaired and is back in use. It was a pleasure to help get it sorted.

ParliamentWork in Parliament   Parliament is now on recess for the half term, though I am only taking a short break next weekend.

I am in Brussels from Sunday to represent the UK at an important EU meeting to help our energy intensive industries. Later in the week I am in Kendall to support businesses severely affected by the winter floods.

This will be my fifth visit to a flood affected area and I am pleased to see that £11 million package of support for businesses is being put to good use. I was keen to get the money out to business in days and it seems to be working!

I seem to have done quite a few debates in the last few weeks on a good variety of subjects including getting more youngsters to take up careers in engineering and science to cash retentions in the construction business.   Read debates in Hansard >>>

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8 Responses to Rt. Hon. Anna Soubry MP – Bikes and Bull

  1. stevebarber says:

    Hopefully Miss Soubry will reveal the manufacturer of rubberised flangeway inserts with short delivery times she claimed to have discovered on Tuesday. I’ve asked for this information, which the rest of us who’ve been looking into this for over a decade, have missedm but she hasn’t yet shared.

    • Adrian Hirst says:

      This is the company that seems to be doing most of the research but difficult to find working examples in similar situations as Chilwell High Road:-
      An alternative system being trialed in Zurich seemed to involve first replacing the existing track to accomodate the special rubber inserts:-

      • stevebarber says:

        Thanks Adrian. Over the last 15 years I have met with Strail on several occasions, I believe Pedals have been working on it for 25 years. The Zurich trial is promising and professionals are hopeful, however this is far shifted from Anna Soubry’s claim that they could be fitted straight away.

      • Joseph Archer says:

        Unfortunately, the use of the Strail system would require ripping up all the track along Chilwell Road as it is incompatible with the existing grooved rail.
        I don’t believe there’s anything on the open market that can do this.

  2. The school playing fields to the north of the College site are in the green belt. These proposals are partly based on selling off these playing fields. They are not currently owned by the school, who lease the land from the County Council, and are an asset in public ownership which should stay that way. Once houses are built they can’t be unbuilt.

    The Conservative election manifesto pledge to protect the green belt – a promise delivered repeatedly at all levels including by your own good self during last year’s election campaign – will be swept aside for convenience.

    • patrickratcliffe says:

      I thought this was how it was intended to work in this wonderful new Conservative world.
      Promises are made at elections, which, when it is convenient are then broken.
      Property that you don’t own, is sold to big developers who build houses that aren’t fit for purpose or cannot be afforded by those who want their first home.
      Big developers make massive profits.
      Ordinary voters get stuffed.
      Democracy – Conservative style.

  3. RichHartman says:

    New White Bull pub – “Broxtowe Borough Council courageously refused planning permission ” – for this, read: “recklessly and foolishly refused planning permission”:
    Ms Soubry’s tweet says “Proud that @broxtowebc fought to save #TheNewWhiteBull”.
    The developer tweeted back: “but cost the tax payer £40k in the process. Council cut backs? #brokenrecord “.
    No-one should be proud of wasting £40k of council (taxpayers) money.

  4. RichHartman says:

    White Hills PF was to sell land for building houses in the greenbelt.
    The conservatives were elected on a promise to “save the green belt.

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