BHOSPG -Report to BHCA AGM – relating to the old Golf Course Land

Bramcote Hills Open Space Protection Group (BHOSPG). Our Group has been in existence since 2009 when planning applications were made by the owners of the Golf Course for Houses on Thoresby Road and then another for a Car Wash on the Car Park.

You are all aware of the history of the Land that was the Golf Course. You know that the Owners applied during October 2014 to the Council for Planning Permission to Build a Retirement Village on part of the Site and then if they receive the go ahead they will donate to the Council the Deddington Plantation and the Car Park near Thoresby Road. Details of the application can be found at the Council under reference 14/00677.

When I presented my report at the AGM last year it was thought that the Broxtowe Borough Council Planning Committee would make a decision on the application during the summer of last year.   However, the applicants were requested by the Planning Officers to submit a more detailed Wildlife Survey. The applicants survey was conducted during the period 21 August to 28 September and was eventually submitted in November 2015.    The survey was remarkable as it does not report any evidence of Grass Snakes within the old Golf Course Land.

Many thanks to all our local residents who submitted to us details of sightings and photographs of the Wildlife in and around the old golf course. Our own excellent survey compiled by Phil Carter submitted to the Council in early December. We have a Photograph of a Grass Snake found in a garden adjacent to the Old Golf Course land.     We received many good photographs from our residents but to keep the survey as short and succinct we have limited the number of photographs within our Residents’ Survey.   However, we intend to use many of the photographs in the near future.    This survey has in our opinion helped to prove the value of the Old Golf Course Land as part of the Wildlife Corridor linking open countryside with Wollaton Park.   If you search ‘Residents Wildlife Survey’ in ‘Bramcote Today’ website, you will be able to find the Survey.

We are now waiting for the application to be considered by the Broxtowe Planning Committee at one of their monthly meetings.   The Agendas for future Planning Committee Meetings have not yet been published.   We understand from Emma Palmer-Barnes, Planning Officer in Charge of the application, that the application will not be on the agenda for the Planning Meeting on 10 February nor the extra meeting on Tuesday 23 February that has been rescheduled from the 17 February. This is not because of our AGM but because of the Toton by-election. The next meetings are scheduled for 16 March and 20 April.

We therefore await news as to when the Planning Committee will consider the application. At the meeting Steve Beck, a member of our committee, will be our spokesman during the debate. We trust that the Councillors on the committee will uphold the Aligned Core Strategy Document which states that the land is a Protected Open Area and refuse the application. However, that will probably not be the end of our battle to save the Wildlife Corridor as the applicants will probably make an appeal to the Governments Planning Inspectorate.

Mike Johnson, Chair of BHOSPG, 25 January 2016.

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