Rt Hon Anna Soubry MP – 29 January 2016

Anna Soubry MPEnough is enough – time for action to safeguard our cyclists

I have called on the relevant authorities to carry out a full risk assessment as a matter of urgency on High/Chilwell Road in Beeston following yet another cycling accident.

For more than two years I have been calling on Tramlink, NET and the City Council to take action and make the road safe for cyclists. Last week another cyclist got their front wheel trapped in tram tracks causing him injury and damage to the bike.   

The cyclist who was seriously injured in a similar incident just before Christmas has now  Cyclist Tram Linesleft hospital – he came off his bike and was then run over by a car.

I have written (again) to Tramlink/NET and the City Council asking if a risk assessment has been carried out, if it has I have asked to see it and if it hasn’t I have asked for one to be done as a matter of urgency.

There is nothing to stop Tramlink from inserting rubber strips into the tram lines on this part of the route – there is clear evidence that the area is a danger to cyclists but they are not properly warned of the dangers and the so called ‘route’ on the pavement is clearly not being used.

I believe that without action there will be yet more serious accidents and I have a catalogue of cyclists who have suffered extensive cuts to their faces, broken bones and cracked heads. I am of the view that NET/Tramlink/City Council owe a duty of care to cyclists on this part of the tram route and are accordingly liable in law for failing to prevent serious injury.

It is time for them to take action before someone is killed.

Forces BikeshedForces Bikeshed

I was delighted to attend the first birthday party of an excellent venture at Chilwell Barracks. ‘Forces Bikeshed’ brings together veterans, serving personnel and local motor bike enthusiasts to broaden their skills, enjoy a mutual interest in bikes and have a good time. This is a great idea and has won the support of our Mayor and local businesses.    Click here for more information.

Debating our future

There have been two important votes in the last few weeks about the future of Broxtowe.

Notts County Council debated becoming a ‘unitary authority’. In simple terms it would mean the end of Borough and Districts Councils with all local matters from the emptying of bins to social services being the responsibility of Nottinghamshire County Council. A number of local authorities have moved to the ‘unitary’ system (Nottingham City Council is a unitary authority as is Cornwall and Wiltshire County Councils). The move to unitary status was proposed by Conservative County Councillors and was narrowly defeated.

My own view is that I would like to see more parish councils in Broxtowe to serve communities like Bramcote, Chilwell and Toton – and I would like to see a Beeston Town Council. I would like them all to have more power over local matters – but in return I would move to a unitary Nottinghamshire County Council, which would mean the end of Broxtowe Borough Council.

This is not a party political issue – there are Conservative Borough Councillors who strongly oppose a move to a unitary authority and there are those who support it. So it’s good to have the debate and I welcome your views. I should add the reasons I believe in a unitary Nottinghamshire County Council is because I believe it would deliver better services and at lower cost to us all.

The second important vote occurred on Wednesday at Broxtowe Borough Council. Councillors voted to reject the current devolution deal on offer to everyone in Notts and Derbyshire, but to agree to continue negotiations. These “devo deals” are about transferring power and money from Whitehall to new ‘combined authorities’ with an elected Mayor. I think there is a good economic case to support the proposed deal but I am far from convinced about the need for yet an extra tier of local governance and an elected North Midlands Mayor. I know Broxtowe is concerned that too much of the money may be spent in our cities and not in areas like Broxtowe. Keeping up the negotiations and opening up the debate seem very sensible ideas.

Beeston Town team launched as Post Office announces it’s on the move 

The new Beeston Town Team has been successfully launched. This independent group of traders will represent all businesses in Beeston. The timing is apt as the Post Office has announced plans to relocate in the town. The Post Office, just off the square, is set to close; the business will move into a new or existing retail shop and will be run as a franchise. There are good arguments in favour of the move, notably longer opening hours but the concern is that the existing premises will lie empty.

The Post Office tell me that applications to buy the new franchise will close in mid February and there will be a six week public consultation before any change is made. Please send me your views and I will ensure they are fully represented to the Post Office. I have no doubt the new Beeston Town Team will also have a view on the plans as they emerge.

Broxtowe Sports Awards 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Broxtowe Sports Awards organised by the Borough Council. Our brilliant sporting teams and individual sportsmen and women were recognised; congratulations to all the finalists especially the well deserved winners.   Click here to find the winners of the awards.

Sainsburys LocalSave Our Sainsbury’s

Stapleford Community Group has launched a campaign to save the Sainsbury’s store on Central Avenue. I think this might be a bit of a first – a campaign to keep a supermarket and I wish them well. In any event I very much hope there will be a convenience shop on the site.

Broxtowe’s Youth MP

I think I have met my match in Broxtowe’s new Member of the Youth Parliament, Sam Ayoub! Sam was elected last year with all our secondary schools taking part. Fighting racism, bullying and championing better mental health are his priorities and I am proud to support him in all his efforts

By elections in Toton & Chilwell Meadows and Greasley – Thursday 18 February

Following the unexpected death of Greasley Councillor Stuart Rowland there will be a by election for a new Broxtowe Borough Councillor. Toton and Chilwell Meadows Councillor, Natalie Harvey, has moved to Derbyshire so there is a vacancy for her seat. Both by elections will be held on Thursday February 18th. I am supporting Eddie Cubley in Greasley and Steph Kerry in Toton and Chilwell Meadows. They will be excellent Councillors and I hope you will support them if you live in Greasley or Toton and Chilwell Meadows.

No Change to the Y36

Your Bus have confirmed that the Y36 bus service and route will not change. I know many users feared for its future but I am assured it is secure

Walking Football testing for interest

It’s a great success throughout Broxtowe and now Nuthall residents Grenville and Stephen Green want to start a Walking Football group in their part of the constituency.

If you are interested in joining then please get in touch with either Stephen or Grenville on 0115 875 0940 or greengrenville@gmail.com.


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One Response to Rt Hon Anna Soubry MP – 29 January 2016

  1. Joan Wade says:

    With Ms Soubry coming out on favour of fracking now is a good time to recognise the dangers that such development poses for Bramcote both in terms of despoiling the area and the associated health problems.



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