News from David Watts Liberal Democrats – 24 January 2016

David-WattsBy Elections /2. Field Farm /3. Toton Planning Application /4. Beeston Post Office /5. Police Neighbourhood Priorities Survey / 6. 999 v 101 /7. Moves to Abolish Broxtowe /8. Summer Play Schemes /9. Y36 Bus /10. Council Tax /11. Sainsburys in Stapleford / 

  1. By Elections

As I reported last week there will be two by elections in Broxtowe, both taking place on Thursday 18th February. In Toton and Chilwell Meadows the Lib-Dem candidate will be Graham Heal, a Toton resident. Graham stood as an independent last year and performed very well, and he has now joined the Liberal Democrats.

The Conservative candidate lives in Beeston North and the Labour candidate lives in Stapleford. UKIP didn’t even manage to find someone to stand. In Greasley the Lib-Dem candidate will be Keith Longdon, the very popular County Councillor for Eastwood.

  1. Field Farm

The borough council is currently considering the detailed plans for phase one of the development of Field Farm in Stapleford. Strangely though they have kept the publicity about this to a minimum. I’m very grateful to Ian Scrimshaw, a reader of this newsletter, who drew the plans to my attention. You can see them at,3Y1NV,GXM201,EBI98,1.

I wonder if the Conservative administrations decision to minimise the publicity about this has anything to do with their U-turn where they are now promoting this after having opposed it in opposition.

  1. Toton Planning Application

A planning application is also being considered by the council for a major development in Toton opposite the tram park and ride. This is another site opposed by the Tories in opposition but what they are now looking at is far bigger than anything that the previous Lib-Dem administration ever considered.

In addition to 500 houses they are looking at a significant amount of employment land, a number of shops and an 80 bed nursing home. You can see this at

This was due to be discussed at a meeting the week prior to the by election in Toton but the Conservatives have put the meeting back until the week after the by election. Presumably they think that voters might be influenced if they see that they have performed another U-turn just days before.

  1. Beeston Post Office

The Royal Mail have announced that they intend to franchise the post office in Beeston. This means that the current office is likely to close and to then reopen within one of the shops. I am concerned about this and I know that many of my fellow Lib Dems are as well.

  1. Police Neighbourhood Priorities Survey

If you want to influence what issues your local beat team focuses on where you live or work please complete the online Neighbourhood Priority Survey. Together with Community Safety meetings, attended by councillors and other community representatives, the results of the surveys are used to help local beat teams set their priorities every three months. Completed anonymously, the survey asks you to explain what concerns you have about criminal activity where you live.

It asks for information about a range of concerns, including antisocial behaviour, speeding, street drinking, nuisance vehicles and other criminal activity. You can give more information about the offences being committed and the days and times incidents are happening. You can also pinpoint exactly where the problems are, with a marker on a map. The information you enter into the site will help your local beat team decide which issues are most important to people in your area and what three things they should tackle over the next three months. To have your say on policing in your area visit

  1. 999 v 101

Our Neighbourhood Police Team have asked that we remind the public about the circumstances in which 999 is appropriate. Calls to 999 should be only if life threatening or damage/theft to property AT THE TIME. All other calls should be to 101. Police advise only call for police on 999 when:

  • There is a danger to life or a risk of injury being caused imminently.
  • Examples include serious road accidents, assaults or serious disorders.
  • A crime is in progress. Examples include assault, burglary, and theft or if an offender is still on scene, or has just left the scene.
  • Police attendance is required immediately such as to prevent a breach of peace, someone acting suspiciously or someone who is about to commit an offence.
  1. Moves to Abolish Broxtowe

I reported last week that the Conservatives at Nottinghamshire County Council were calling for the abolition of Broxtowe and all the other district councils in the county, so that there could be one unitary authority and all decisions would be taken in West Bridgford or Retford. I am pleased to say that the motion was defeated and all the Liberal Democrats on the County Council voted against the motion.

  1. Summer Play Schemes

The County Council are offering grants of £1,000 per year for the next two years to community groups wanting to organise summer play schemes. Applications need to be submitted by 22nd February and can be submitted via the County Council website.

  1. Y36 Bus

After the changes to bus routes in and around Beeston which I reported last week YourBus have confirmed that the Y36 route will not be changing and the service will stay as it is.

  1. Council Tax

The major component of the council tax that we all pay goes towards the County Council. The Labour leader of the council, Alan Rhodes, has this week written to local MP’s to warn that the County want to put council tax up by 4% this year. This will be made up of a 2% rise in the standard rate of tax plus a further 2% levy to fund social care.

  1. Sainsburys in Stapleford

It was disappointing to hear this week that Sainsburys intend to close their store in Central Avenue, Stapleford in the middle of this year. This provides a very convenient service for local residents and a campaign has been launched to keep the store open.

As ever thank you for your support for this newsletter. Any feedback is gratefully received.

Best wishes,  David


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11 Responses to News from David Watts Liberal Democrats – 24 January 2016

  1. Donna MacRae says:

    Field Farm,3Y1NV,GXM201,EBI98,1.

    Have to agree it has been very quite with regards Field Farm, it seems only STRAG and Independent Councillor Richard MacRae ( yes he is my Husband ) have been reminding people to get there comments in. Have not heard a peep from the other Borough Councillor for the Ward it falls under.

    Toton Planning Application

    Not sure why people keep saying Toton Planning Application, if you look on the Council website it is Stapleford South West, surely the Council have it right so why can’t others.

    But less of where it is more about why it is, surely this is only happening as YOU did a U-Turn by putting the area back into the Core Strategy after you had said the following.

    April 30, 2013 at 2:58 pm
    I can absolutely guarantee that the council has no plans to allow building on land opposite Bardills. Absolutely, unequivocally and completely.

    Council Tax

    Lib Dem Councillor as Chair of the Finance Committee at Stapleford Town Council proposed to put up the Stapleford element of the Council Tax by 5% the other week, this was passed as Stapleford Alliance members and Conservative member John Longdon ALL agreed to it.

    Sainsbury’s in Stapleford

    You can sign the Petition which was started by Stapleford Community Group here.

  2. P Campbell says:

    David you say that your candidate in the forthcoming Toton & Chilwell Meadows by election ‘performed very well’ in last year’s Borough elections. I wouldn’t say that coming eighth out of nine candidates with just 5% of the total vote is classed as doing well. Also, the Liberal Democrats chose not to contest Toton & Chilwell Meadows in last year’s Council elections. Now you want to campaign saying that you have the ward residents’ interests at heart.

    All the other party candidates you have highlighted as standing do live in the Borough. You may have forgotten that in the last Council administration the Lib-Dem Councillor lived in Somerset. Also at last year’s General Election, two of Bramcote’s Lib-Dem candidates were, on the same day, trying to woo residents in two Lincolnshire constituencies hoping to be elected to Parliament.

  3. Joan Wade says:

    I do think that the Conservatives are wrong to keep pressing for large scale housing developments on greenfield sites. So often this appears to lead to lazy developers putting up bland low quality units. It would be far better to start by looking at the brownfield sites that need redeveloping and to build homes of substance and quality. We also need to be looking at renewing some of our poor quality post war housing stock and looking to see if a modest but in keeping height increase (not high rise) might provide more homes.

    • Cliff hitchin says:

      This would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.
      It was Browns previous Lobour Government which set the quotas meaning that green belt in Broxtowe had to be built on, then the Lib Dem/ labour council whoch pushed ahead with those plans in the face of very strong local opposition headed by our Conservative MP Ms Soubrey.
      You’re rewriting of history is almost Orwellian in its duplicity.


      • I hope I may be forgiven for providing an independent perspective in what might be turning into a party political game of ping pong.

        The incoming LibDem/ Conservative coalition government lifted the centrally imposed housing targets and instead each LA was tasked with setting its own target. Our then Labour/LibDem council working with other neighbouring councils set a target that was the same as the previously imposed one at that has stood up to scrutiny several times since then, including under the present Conservative council.

        The merits of medium rise housing – now being seen in urban centres across the country – are obvious. High quality design (a requirement of the National Planning Policy Framework) and creating increased population density that makes public transport more viable and increases footfall in local shops – making them more viable too.

        We have a golden opportunity to begin to deliver some of this much needed housing in Beeston Town centre as part of Phase 2. Phase 1 failed to deliver any of the requested housing. Let’s hope that the lamentations do not need to be repeated.

        Right… let the party politics resume.


      • Joan Wade says:

        Phase 2 is just not a suitable location for housing. There are plenty of other brownfield locations. The phase 2 development being right in the centre of the town is a key location for bringing people into the town. It would be utter folly to waste the opportunity that this central location gives us

  4. Barry Morrison says:

    Pretty much the same as the tram was supposed to bring people into Beeston..And that did’nt work, did it?

    • Joan Wade says:

      More people coming into the town and several new businesses recently opened or due to open. – New micro pub, new Korean Restaurant, new fish restaurant, new hairdressers, new coffee shop …….etc. Beeston has higher occupancy rate for its shop premises than the average.

  5. patrickratcliffe says:

    And, Joan, Beeston doesn’t need medium rise, green housing in Phase 2, to benefit from the several new businesses opened or due to open???
    It would be utter folly and supremely short-sighted to waste this golden opportunity that this central location gives us, for quality housing.

    • Joan Wade says:

      These things are a matter of opinion but it is surprising that anyone should think that the middle of a town centre’s transport interchange is a suitable place for housing. Fortunately, for the rest of us you appear to be the only person who holds the view that you do.

    • RichHartman says:

      Actually no. If we want to attract things like a cinema, more eateries, night economy, that’s not really the right environment for also encouraging new homes (‘quality housing’ ??!)to exist cheek-by-jowl with an enhanced commercial centre. Unless you;re talking about a block of student flats, that is.

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