Railways – Yet Again !!!!‏

Ian Blakeley writes: Some time ago we had a ‘discussion’ initiated by Howard Shakespeare regarding Jeremy Corbyns statement about taking the railways back into public ownership as and when the existing franchises came to an end.

Would it interest you to know that it appears the present government has now changed its view about public ownership of the railways, particularly in London. The link below explains it all.


Can it be that common sense is going to raise its head at long last?

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One Response to Railways – Yet Again !!!!‏

  1. Howard Shakespeare says:

    There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding TfL’s plans for the future of urban rail within Greater London.
    Firstly, let us take a look at Tokyo’s transport systems. Anybody who has lived or visited Tokyo will know that there is an excellent subway network. However, unlike London, there is no integrated ticketing system.
    Tokyo’s buses are operated by a number of companies, just like London, but each use their own ticketing.
    The Tokyo subway is operated by three companies. Their equivalent of the Circle Line, the Yamanote, is operated by JR for example. Each company has its own ticketing and there is no integrated Oyster equivalent.
    By contrast, London has an integrated fare system even with the capital’s private, and franchise operators.
    The DLR is a franchise, but Oyster, Contactless and Travelcards can be used.
    London’s buses are owned by a number of private companies, but they are integrated through the aforementioned.
    TfL, Transport for London, oversee most of the operation of public transport within Great London.
    One problem has been the use of through trains within the London. For example, if you wish to travel from Cricklewood to Baker Street, it involves a train which has started its journey from Bedford and will terminate at Brighton. One then has to change at West Hampstead, which involves a second use of your Oyster and a long walk to the Tube station.
    The proposals are not for a nationalisation of the rail services which pass through London. What is being proposed is incorporating the through rail services, within the capital, into London Overground. This will increase the frequency of service and assist in integration.
    Nobody is suggesting that the line from Bedford to Brighton, for example, will be operated by TfL. Only the sanction within Greater London will fall under TfL control.
    So to sum up, the proposals are not a renationalisation of part of the rail network. There is no need to worry, East Midland Trains will retain its franchise and continue to operate a quality service. British Rail is not going to rise from the grave like some nightmare vision of Bram Stoker.

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