Future Plans for Beeston Post Office‏

Adrian Hirst writes: No wish to hog your blog but surprised no one else has posted on this.

Trying to make sense of what’s happening here. Beeston Post Office seems very well patronised and has recently been fully refurbished.

Relevant abstracts from the media reports seem to be:-
Branches on the list are not sustainable for various reasons.
We are seeking suitable potential retail partners to work with us on providing franchised services for 39 branches and we are proposing to close three branches in areas where it is no longer viable to keep a Crown Branch.

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online:- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-england-nottinghamshire-35328147

The potential closure of the Beeston Post Office in Chilwell Road to move it into a shop has worried some residents.

Peter Lawton, who has lived in the area for 84 years, said it “will be missed” and moving it would greatly affect pensioners in the area.

Kate Pearson, who is disabled and struggles with walking, currently lives just a few yards away and worries that if it goes too far she may have to get a taxi just to post a letter.

Other links confirming this:-



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12 Responses to Future Plans for Beeston Post Office‏

  1. Joan Wade says:

    None of the reports I have read have said that Beeston Post Office is not well used and certainly whenever I have been in there it has looked very full. Patronage and profit is not necessarily the same thing. From observation I would say that many of the people visiting the Post Office are elderly and some appear hesitant about using the automated machines. This leads to counter staff having to spend time assisting people complete forms and other transactions. In an age when people and people in Bramcote in particular are demanding that ever more cuts be made to services it is perhaps not surprising to see the Post Offices having to look at its mode of operation.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Joan, some of your comments never cease to amaze me…………”leads to counter staff having to spend time assisting people complete forms and other transactions.” that’s part of their job description – to assist.
      “In an age when people, and people in Bramcote in particular, are demanding that ever more cuts be made to services”, I think that you’ve got that wrong Joan, people are complaining ABOUT cuts to services, not wanting more.
      The only people wanting cuts are Osborne and his mates.

      Remember that the Profitable parts of the Post Office were recently sold off to private enterprise at a highly discounted (i.e. dirt cheap) price. That’s why their costs are being looked at.

      • Joan Wade says:

        And who are the people who put “Osborne and his mates” into government Ian? People had a choice at the last election of who to vote for and what policies to support. The people of Bramcote played the key role in what was itself a key marginal constituency of voting for more austerity and more cuts. They wanted less spent on public services. Assisting people takes time and is not of itself a profit making activity. The people of Bramcote do not want more public spending they voted for less. Sadly it does mean a harsher world for the elderly whether it be with services like the NHS or with the Post Office.

    • Robin T says:

      Not sure why I cannot reply to your second reply Joan below, so I’ll reply here.

      As Ian says below I think it’s somewhat presumptive to say that because people voted more for the Conservatives than for Labour that it’s because they “are demanding that ever more cuts be made”! Maybe you want them, but there were a whole raft of policies on offer. In further response to your comment below, one of those things people voted for was this extra £9 billion to be spent on the NHS, not NHS cuts. Did you forget they pre-election promise in your excitement to advocate cuts?

      Finally, if you think that the purpose of public spending should be focused on profit making, then I’m not sure you understand the definition of public.

      • Joan Wade says:

        Robin – At no point have I advocated cuts. Do please do me the courtesy of reading what I have said before rushing to comment. It is however quite clear that the present government believes in a programme of austerity and lower government spending. People in Bramcote knew this full well when they voted at the last election and they played a pivotal role in a marginal constituency of returning a Conservative government. Cuts do have consequences and it is important that people are adult enough to recognise this. The cited reason for the austerity programme was to bring down the government deficit – the annual amount the government has to borrow to meet the shortfall between current receipts (tax) and government spending. The government has failed in this aim and the deficit has increased. This is because austerity has led to lower productivity and lower tax receipts and the government has also allowed several big companies to ignore their tax obligations. The government’s austerity programme is similar to someone attempting to save money by not going out to work. Such a person would make some initial saving but long term they would be putting their prosperity at risk.

  2. Fred R says:

    This is bonkers. The Beeston PO is heaving all of the time, often with the queue snaking to the front door. Indeed, I’ve often had to go elsewhere to get basic stuff like stamps as counter staff are always occupied with more involved jobs. Which is not a complaint – on the contrary, it’s great that the place is so well used. Of all the local POs, that is surely the least likely to bite the dust, if any rational considerations are being applied. It would be a major blow were it to bite the dust.

  3. Howard Shakespeare says:

    Beeston post office can be a nightmare. The stamp machines are frequently out of service. It then involves up to twenty minutes of wasted life just to await ones turn to buy a stamp.

    • RichHartman says:

      Howard – if you don’t enjoy social interaction with fellow humans and chewing the fat with those really pleasant & helpful ladies behind the counter in the main Beeston P.O., pop across the road and get your stamps in the Post News Shop.

    • Fred R says:

      Well, you can easily buy stamps in the newsagent across the road, or in WH Smugs, or in Sainsbury’s, and probably at the newsagent at the university end of the pedestrianised area. Waiting in a long queue in the Beeston PO for stamps is masochistic and unnecessary.

      • Howard Shakespeare says:

        Not if something needs to be weighed to ensure the correct value of stamps are used.

  4. Richard Dinsdale says:

    Is everyone sure that the Post Office closure doesn’t refer to Beeston Leeds?

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