Single Council Plan Scrapped

Motion to scrap district and borough councils and move towards a Nottinghamshire unitary authority defeated.

But all of the Tories backed it, including the leader of Broxtowe, Richard Jackson, who effectively voted to abolish his own council.

Source: BBC Local News Live – Nottinghamshire

See also Nottingham Post article.

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4 Responses to Single Council Plan Scrapped

  1. stevejcarr says:

    Also Bramcote Councillor John Doddy who is County Councillor for Toton & Chilwell.

  2. Ian Blakeley says:

    I call upon all the County Councillors who voted for Ms Cutts motion, to resign ALL their council, (County, District, Town, Parish etc) seats forthwith and stand for re-election in each seat with Unification as their Mandate.

    I very much doubt if this suggestion by Ms Cutts will be a ‘one off’. With all the ‘suggestions’ from the Tory Govt. about having elected Mayors etc in order to gain more funding I suspect that there is more of a hint that suggestions are working downwards to other Councils throughout Britain about unification.

  3. Nigel Freeman says:

    The reorganisation of councils in Nottingham is long overdue.
    I’m born and bred from Nottingham but now live in Sheffield and they have it right! One unitary council Sheffield city council runs everything in the Sheffield city, urban and district area. So my idea for Nottinghamshire is this:
    A unitary authority for the city of Nottingham which will include Carlton, Gedling, West Bridgford, Beeston, Stapleford, Chilwell, Toton and Hucknall creating a large major city that will compete with the likes of Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Birmingham.
    At the moment Nottingham is disadvantaged so much by the artificially low published and recorded population compared with the above cities.
    Regarding the shire either have one county council running the whole of Notts excluding the city or split the shire into north Notts and south Notts.

    My view is Nottingham and the county under the current structures has no chance of competing on a level playing field with other areas of the country until the council authorities are rationalised and the borders of the city are expanded .

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