Nottinghamshire County Council: We’re Ready for the Winter Weather

Councillor Jackie Williams has forwarded this information from Nottinghamshire County Council:

Gritting Update

Gritting crews are ready to respond with cold temperatures and possible wintry showers forecast over the next few days, particularly Thursday and Friday of this week.

Helping you be prepared

During winter weather we grit A and B roads and major bus routes. We also grit some additional routes during severe weather.

We advise you to plan your route to work using the gritting routes on our online gritting map to avoid any delays to your journey.

View our gritting map here.

School Closures

Extreme weather can mean a headteacher has to take the decision to close a school.

Our school closures page lists schools, including academies, that have notified us that they’re closed or have altered their opening times due to bad weather, heating issues or other problems. Alternatively you may want to listen to your local radio station for updates on closures regarding bad weather.

Most schools will also inform parents and carers using appropriate means, whether this is by text message or a notice on the school’s website.

Keeping warm this winter

It is getting colder each week and most of us take it for granted to have a warm environment both at work or at home. However, during the winter months, the cold weather can have an effect on some people’s health.

To reduce this risk, it is important to:

Keep your home warm

Stay as active as possible
Wrap up warm when going outside
Look after your elderly friends and neighbours
Winter is the season of goodwill so let’s all do what we can to help both ourselves, and those around us, enjoy the season and keep warm.

Find out more.

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